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Re: amaya-2.4-1.i386.rpm: Italian files?

From: <Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 11:07:40 +0100
Message-Id: <200001141007.LAA00068@tahiti.inrialpes.fr>
To: Roberto Bagnara <bagnara@cs.unipr.it>
cc: www-amaya-dev@w3.org, Daniel.Veillard@w3.org
In-reply-to: Your message of Thu, 13 Jan 2000 21:09:11 +0100."
> Hi there,
> today I have downloaded
>   ftp://rpmfind.net/pub/amaya/amaya-2.4-1.i386.rpm
> for installation on a friend's PC.  After the installation
> I was a bit disappointed to discover that the Italian dialogues
> are not present.  As I believe this was not intentional
> I dare to ask: why not package amaya-2.4-2.i386.rpm
> with the Italian files in?
> Thanks a lot,
>             Roberto

Hi Roberto,

We effectively forgot to add these files in the source tar file.
That will be fixed in the next release.
Meanwhile could you get them from a binary distribution.

By the way, as you can see in the current release, Amaya on Windows
platforms needs specific dialogue resources for each different language.
These resources were not added in the previous release and many
dialogues are missing when you use an Italian Amaya version on Windows.
We plan in the next release to implement a generic mechanism for the
Windows dialogue and to use the same dialogue files for Unix and Windows.
I guess it will be easier to add a new dialogue language in the future.
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