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RE: Resizing icos in Toolbar: inites.c/initpses.c?

From: David Yang <david@math.edu>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:03:53 -0600
To: "Ramzi Guetari" <Ramzi.Guetari@w3.org>, <www-amaya-dev@w3.org>

Ramzi, thanks for the help...

is it appli.c or winthotcompilers.c?  either way, the size of the buttons is
already defined to 32x32 according to the api listed below but the icons are
all definitely sized at 16x16.  I resized the icons in the resource editor,
then when I go to Amaya, the icons are 32x32 but the boxes clip them because
they're still 16x16.  Am I missing something?  Do I need to rerun
compilers.exe do effect changes in winthotcompilers.c?


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Hi David,

The Windoz standard icons may be 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels. However,
it is possible to resize icon with other values.

(*1*)If you want to defines your own sizes, first, you have to edit the
toolbar and
resize the icons: doubleclick on an icon, you will have a dialog an then
can choose other values for the width and the height of icons.

in appli.c use:

       ToolBar = CreateToolbarEx (hwndClient,
                                  WS_CHILD |
                                  WS_BORDER |
                                  WS_VISIBLE |
                                  WS_CLIPSIBLINGS |
                                  TBSTYLE_TOOLTIPS |
                                  CCS_TOP |
                                  IDR_TOOLBAR,    /* #defined to 1 for
instance */
                                  num_of_bmps, /* number of bitmaps of
the tool bar */
                                  AMAYA_TOOLBAR, /* Identifier
automatically generated by
                                                    the resource editor
                                  (LPCTBBUTTON)&ButtonTable, /* Table of
your buttons */
                                  num_of_buttons,  /* number of buttons
of the TB usually
                                                      == to num_of_bmp
                                  dxButton, /* width of a button: 32 for
                                  dyButton, /* height of a button: 32
for instance */
                                  sizeof (TBBUTTON));

ButtonTable has to be defined as follows:

TBBUTTON ButtonTable[] = {

The second solution (that i did not yet experiment consists to resize
the toolbar
bitmaps and to rebuild the application.

To resize the toolbar bitmaps see

>Hey, I'm trying to resize the icons in the toolbar to increase
>After searching through the code, I'm inclined to think that the size is
>defined in either inites.c or initpses.c because it defines things like
>#define gray_width     16
>which I thought was a size rendering of the box for a particular color
>But after doing some testing those numbers don't seem to affect the
>Also, I don't think that resizing the toolbar in the resource editor
>(for MS VC++) does the trick because when you load up Amaya again, the
>icons become all off-centered.  It appears as if the toolbar.bmp was layed
>down in that Frame and then the old sized boxes were superimposed onto
>I can put a picture of it on-line if that explanation is not sufficient...
>Any ideas where the size of the boxes over the toolbar is defined?

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