<P>CONFIDENTIAL TEL:+27= 836917656 </P>
<P>Dear, </P>
<P>&nbsp;I got your contact through the South African Trade and Business Information Service by a very reliable friend of mine who introduced your capability , personality and business address to me . I am MR DAKO BUWAWA ,the eldest son of MAJOR JOHNNY PAUL BUWAWA, the former Special Adviser of the then Military Head of States of Sierra Leone. My Father was involved in the plot to overthrow the then President TEJAN AHMED KABBA . He among others was found guilty by the then Special Military Tribunal. The Government seized all my father's properties and assets. When the West African Peace Keeping Forces (ECOMOG) arrived we escaped to South Africa where we sought for and were granted asylum in South Africa. My main purpose of contacting you is to solicit for your assistance to transfer this fund. Recently, while I was going through my father's documents(files)I discovered that there are some amount of money which was generated from the sales of my country's treasure which is DIAM!
OND amounting to US$27.8Million (Twenty Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which he secretly deposited with a private Security Company here in South Africa in coded cash. My family has mandated me to secretly contact a foreign partner that is reliable and trustworthy so that we can pay in this money into his account for onward transfer out of South Africa. Our resolution to use a foreigner outside , is due to my father's name , which may attact attention and result in the seizure of this money. Moreover , the present Civilian Government of TEJAN KABBA has forzen all accounts overseas owned by the the coup leaders. I have in my possession all the documents with which the money will be easily transfered to your account overseas. My lawyer has promised to assist me to move this money as soon as we can have the necessary contact that is reliable and trustworthy. Since I got your contact through the information service here , I believe that you will meet ou!
r standard and that you will not take advantage of my situation . It may be necessary for you to furnish me with your bank details (either private or company's name)in your name or that of your company where we pay in this money before it can be transferred to your account overseas and the conclusion of this transaction. Immediately this money is confirmed to be in your account , my mother and I will come over to your country to invest it. We urgently need your sincere co-operation.Be assured that the transfer of this money into your account will be in a matter of days going by the assurance of my lawyer. I assured you that nobody knows about this transaction except my mother , the lawyer and myself. In appreciation for your effort and assistance , I have worked out the sharing ratio for this transaction as follows 70% for my investment under your close supervision and direction, 25% for your efforts and we shall set aside 5% for all incidental expenses , we are looking up to !
your assistance and I know you will not fail us. As soon as you get this message , send me as reply through my e-mail or phone me for further clarifications on this transction Be free to assist me for this transactionm is very risk free on your personality going by the assurance and the help of my lawyer Yours Faithfully MR DAKO BUWAWA </P><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br>
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