THE SALE OF THE CENTURY new01197.srt a. 12-19-01

I found this web site that I though you might be interested in. Let me know what you think.
Brooke Shields -- The Woman In The Child
The Art sale of the century

The photo in the Brooke @ 10 poster is one of Brooke Shields from the series seen by Louis Malle that inspired him to give her the leading role in the film Pretty Baby, which catapulted her to stardom. One of the photos is part of the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum 
In the July 1985 Photo District News Nancy Madlin wrote, "The story of this photographer and these pictures is one of the most controversial and most highly-publicized tales in the recent history of commercial photography."
The poster measures 32 x 22 inches and is printed on high quality stock. It will never be reprinted. Each are signed by the photographer
All sales are guarenteed 100 percent of the time, no questions asked, If for any reason you are not happy with the poster your money will be refunded upon the return of the item in its original condition
                                                           LIMITED OFFER... $62.50  
Please make payment by personal check, money order,(preferred) or cashiers check. If you pay by money order the delivery will be made the same day. If you prefer personal check, delivery will be made the day after the check  clears. Add $10.00 for shipping, handling. All packages will be delivered USPO. 
                                      Thank you for your interest, and please go to the  WEBSITE:
See the other images in the collection at non sale prices. Should you have an interest in those images please let us know
The thumbnail is low resolution for obvious reasons. The poster is magnificent. 
Garry Gross
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