NSF Proposal Text

It's up at http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Disabilities/9703/NSF.html.  The
Daniel (et al):

formatting is pretty good this time, but the section numbers are a
mess.  The good version will be sent to NSF on Friday from MIT.  It
has been signed by everyone at LCS and is now at the central

a) If you feel like editting the HTML (generated by doing a CUT from
MSWord97, then PASTE into FrontPage) to fix the section numbers, go
ahead.  Otherwise we can get to it sometime or other.  I don't think
we'll publicize this URL until NSF has notified us about acceptance
(or not) of the proposal.  The MSWord 97 version is still at
http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/TandS/Public/NSF Accessibility Proposal.doc
(including the spaces in the name!)

b) Section 4 was (re-)written to describe the entire IPO effort,
including the schedule, etc. with all sources of funding included.
The hope (from J-FA) was that you could just take this in its entirety
for use in the TIDE proposal and in fund raising for
industry/charitable organizations so that everyone sees the same