Re[2]: NSF guidelines

          Jim, I fully understand the time lines within which you must
          work while balancing the sometimes fragile concerns and egos
          of many companies, universities, private foundations,
          countries, and highly motivated individuals.  Knowing that
          it is M.I.T. you are working with, you shouldn't have any
          trouble receiving guidance on making a proposal fully
          appropriate for NSF.  Gary Strong will be handling it for
          review as you probably know, so if you have any questions,
          he can answer them better than I, but I am always ready to
          try as well.  I think you have his email:


          and his phone number 703/306-1928.

          I look forward to following this process with great
          interest.  It has the potential of solving some of the
          major long-term concerns faced by many of us who are
          promoting use of the WWW, Internet, and whatever follows, by
          people with disabilities.

          Thanks for your continued interest and help.

          Oh, I didn't ask, did you receive the Grant Proposal Guide
          from me sent via Fed Ex?


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