Re: NSF guidelines


Just to keep you and others up-to-date on what is happening at W3C on

1) We have mailed a very short "heads up" message to the membership as part
of our bi-weekly newsletter that went out yesterday, warning them to be on
the lookout for a full briefing package within the next two weeks.  It also
proposes a meeting on April 6 (subject to change) for the kick-off meeting.

2) The official W3C pow-wow with the MIT budget people is set for February
14.  At that time, we will have a very good estimate of the total cost of
the International Program Office and can send that to this list.  It will
not be a formal commitment because that requires an internal review cycle.

3) We expect to have final review and an NSF proposal ready to submit by
February 28.  We are very, very sorry that we can't get the proposal
earlier, but it just can not be done.

4) The briefing package will, we hope, make it clear that the kick-off
meeting will happen if the membership approves the project, but that a
final decision on the full project will be made by W3C only somewhat later
(by May 31, we think) when we will know whether the entire funding package
(US Gov't, EC, Foundations, and industry) has been finalized.