Re: Draft WebAccess Briefing Package

[when I write to web-access@w3.org, who receives the mail?]

Daniel Dardailler wrote:
> Hello, you'll find at this link:
>   http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/TandS/Team/access-brief
> (and attached as well)
> the current draft of the briefing package we expect to submit to our
> members by Friday.

First, I have some "house style" questions: where will the document
sit in our web space? What pages will point _to_ it? Is
it world-readable, or member-only? What
"navigation bar" links will it have at the top? Will it bear
the W3C logo? Is there an icon for this activity area?

I think the link to 
http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Disabilities should use the title
of the page, not the URL, as its label.

Then, about the content: you refer to "the alt tag." Is that
a reference to the alt attribute of the IMG element in HTML?
I have heard of an "alt tag" proposal from Netscape (though
I have never seen it) and think the way it's phrased in
the document is ambiguous.

Also, it says:

|Finalize work on OBJECT tag
|     (real ALT content, client side image map). 

The OBJECT tag (sic -- should be elemnt) _has_ real ALT content.
This is the major improvement over the <IMG> tag. Could you
either clarify this or strike it?

A comment... Wow:

  3.A Working group on Guidelines and Style Guide (for HTML and
     browsing/authoring tools). 
  4.A Working group on Test and Certification software. 

so... we're finally going to get this done, huh? Yeah!

> Some Annexes (like non-US legal pointers, "current player" list or
> supportive association list) need more work, to come during this week
> and the next.

The "SGML consortium" has the wrong label and the wrong address:
the label should be "SGML Open" and the address should be