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Re: 10/2 Update of Accordion Keynav Spec

From: Earl Johnson <Earl.Johnson@Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 14:46:50 -0700
To: wai-xtech@w3.org
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Hi Becky;

See Inline.

Becky Gibson wrote:

> This looks reasonable to me - just a few questions.  Rather than 
> reproducing the entire table I have just copied the relevant sections. See 
> [1] for the initial proposal.
> Regarding control + up arrow and control + down arrow:
> 8. Control + Up Arrow 
> Moves focus from anywhere in a Pane's Content to its associated Pane 
> Header.
> Note: No action occurs when focus is in the Pane Header. 
> 9. Control + Down Arrow
> Moves focus from a Pane Header to the first focusable element in the 
> Pane's Content.
> Note: No action occurs when focus is in the Pane Content.
> I like that control + up arrow provides a quick way to get from within the 
> content to the pane header without having to potentially press shift-tab 
> many times.  But, I'm not sure how useful control+down arrow is?  I would 
> think that just pressing tab to move from the pane header into the content 
> would be the expected behavior.  From number 10 that with focus on a pane 
> header pressing tab would move focus to any menu within the pane header. 
> But, I'm not sure if implementing and educating people about control + 
> down arrow is worth it to eliminate that one extra tab stop. 
EJ	You're right, Tab does close enough to the same thing as 
Cntrl+Dn Arrow that I have no problem removing it [Cntrl+Dn 
Arrow] from the spec.

> For control+F10 to post the button menu in the current pane header is 
> there restriction on where the focus is?  Will control+F10 only work if 
> focus is in the pane header or will it also work if focus is anywhere in 
> the pane related to that pane header? 
> 12. Control+F10
> If present, posts the button menu in the current Pane Header.
> Posts the accordion header's menu
> Occurs only if  focus is on the Accordion Header.
EJ	It would depend on how the Developer coded things I'd imagine 
but on first blush I'd say Cntrl+F10 only works to call up the 
menu if the popup is "attached" to [extends] the area that has 
Input Focus. But my guess is a Developer could just as likely 
make it so pressing Cntrl+F10 calls up the same menu when Input 
Focus is in the Pane Content or Pane Header. So the answer seems 
to boil down to "it depends" for me, what do you think?

> I have the same focus question for escape? I assume it is only active if 
> focus is within a menu (which would be the case if it was opened via the 
> keyboard).
> 13. Esc
> If a button menu is present and it is posted on a Pane Header, the menu 
> closes and no action occurs.
> Dismisses the Accordion Header's button menu if it is posted.
EJ	Same as above. Having said this, an edit of the spec 
clarifying these 2 descriptions probably makes sense.

> Also, your description mentions defining a method of dismissing [closing] 
> an accordion pane but I don't see it here.  The example also allows more 
> than one accordion pane to be open at a time - what is the key mechanism 
> for opening and closing the panes?  Is just pressing enter with focus on 
> the title sufficient to toggle the open/close of a pane? 
EJ	I caught this same oversight last night while speaking to the 
developer of our Accordion Component. I assigned Enter as the way 
to toggle the Pane open or closed; Input Focus must be on the 
Pane Header for Enter to work as the toggle.


> thanks,
> -becky
> [1]  
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/wai-xtech/2007Oct/att-0015/kbd-nav-accordion-pane-dojo-prop.html
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