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Re: 10/2 Update of Accordion Keynav Spec

From: Becky Gibson <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 11:49:57 -0400
To: wai-xtech@w3.org
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This looks reasonable to me - just a few questions.  Rather than 
reproducing the entire table I have just copied the relevant sections. See 
[1] for the initial proposal.

Regarding control + up arrow and control + down arrow:

8. Control + Up Arrow 
Moves focus from anywhere in a Pane's Content to its associated Pane 
Note: No action occurs when focus is in the Pane Header. 
9. Control + Down Arrow
Moves focus from a Pane Header to the first focusable element in the 
Pane's Content.
Note: No action occurs when focus is in the Pane Content.

I like that control + up arrow provides a quick way to get from within the 
content to the pane header without having to potentially press shift-tab 
many times.  But, I'm not sure how useful control+down arrow is?  I would 
think that just pressing tab to move from the pane header into the content 
would be the expected behavior.  From number 10 that with focus on a pane 
header pressing tab would move focus to any menu within the pane header. 
But, I'm not sure if implementing and educating people about control + 
down arrow is worth it to eliminate that one extra tab stop. 

For control+F10 to post the button menu in the current pane header is 
there restriction on where the focus is?  Will control+F10 only work if 
focus is in the pane header or will it also work if focus is anywhere in 
the pane related to that pane header? 

12. Control+F10
If present, posts the button menu in the current Pane Header.
Posts the accordion header's menu
Occurs only if  focus is on the Accordion Header.
I have the same focus question for escape? I assume it is only active if 
focus is within a menu (which would be the case if it was opened via the 

13. Esc
If a button menu is present and it is posted on a Pane Header, the menu 
closes and no action occurs.
Dismisses the Accordion Header's button menu if it is posted.

Also, your description mentions defining a method of dismissing [closing] 
an accordion pane but I don't see it here.  The example also allows more 
than one accordion pane to be open at a time - what is the key mechanism 
for opening and closing the panes?  Is just pressing enter with focus on 
the title sufficient to toggle the open/close of a pane? 



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