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List of Widgets

From: Becky Gibson <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 07:55:24 -0400
To: wai-xtech@w3.org
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My action item from the May 18 meeting was to compile a list of widgets 
that need to be reviewed by the style guide group.  I started with the 
list of Core Widgets that are planned for the Dojo Open Source JavaScript 
toolkit release 1.0 and added a few more.   They are grouped into form 
controls, layout controls and miscellaneous.


DropDown Button - when pressed drops down a menu item of choices
Combo Button - has two regions.  First area is button for default action, 
second area drops down a menu of choices.  Like the back/history button in 
the Firefox toolbar.
Radio button(s)
Validating textbox - provides validation for specified formats such as 
number, date, currency
Number spinner - textbox with up/down arrows to increase / decrease the 
value in the textbox. Can also enter a number directly
Autocompleter -  Allows direct entry but also offers a drop down  list of 
choices which is filtered as the user types.  Like the URL entry fields in 
Select - offers a drop down  list of choices which is filtered as the user 
types but entry is restricted to the list of choices
Resizeable textarea - a text area the automatically resizes vertically as 
content is added.
Calendar / DropDown Calendar for selecting a date.
Time picker
In-line editbox - click to edit simple text in-line in the page. 


Tab Container
TitlePane - region with a title bar which is expanded / collapsed when the 
title bar is clicked.
Accordion Container - group of title panes which are stacked vertically 
where only one title pane is expanded at any one time.  Clicking on one 
title pane to expand it will collapse the currently open title pane). 
Split Container - a region that is split into two resizeable areas
Content Pane - region containing content which may be updated
Layout Container - for implementing complex layouts
Tooltip dialog - tooltip with rich text content (like information which is 
displayed when mouseover a movie graphic in blockbuster.com and netflix 


Context Menu
Menubar and Menus
Progress bar
Rich text editor
Tooltip - floating styled text 
Color palette
Filtering Table / Grid - data is loaded incrementally, supports sorting, 
editing - may need more than one widget type for this
Charting widget
Fisheye widget (like on Mac)
Map (Google Map/Yahoo Map)
Slide show / presentation

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