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Re: [note: two-level nav in WAI-ARIA] [was: Re: reCAPTCHA implementation problems]

From: Joshue O Connor <joshue.oconnor@cfit.ie>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:39:00 +0100
Message-ID: <469D36F4.1040202@cfit.ie>
To: Al Gilman <Alfred.S.Gilman@IEEE.org>
Cc: Chris Blouch <cblouch@aol.com>, wai-xtech@w3.org, Colin McMillen <mcmillen@cs.cmu.edu>

> With a few exceptions the accessible widget models seem to follow a
pattern where you tab to the widget, use other keys to navigate >within
the widget (arrows, space etc) and a second tab takes you out of the
widget. Is this the generally accepted practice we want to >promote?
Seems to align well with the GUI pattern of select an object, manipulate
it and then release it.
> That is the proposed practice that the WAI-ARIA design is predicated on.

I think that kind of model is fine, even desirable. I guess many users
expect that kind of behaviour, whether or not they find it.

> That does not necessarily equate to "generally accepted." It's an
> innovation on the Web.

And I would say that it is a step in the right direction if that is so.

>  I don't yet know if Josh had read my post and
> rejected it, or was simply saying 'amen' to the message I replied to,
> without having considered this alternative.

I am not sure myself what I am saying amen to Al, beyond keyboard
accessible - yes. Easy disaster recovery if all goes wrong - yes.
Intuitive interface with negligible load on the user - yes.

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