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Re: [RFC] Issue Tracker Accessibility

From: Charles McCathieNevile <chaals@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 01:42:56 +0100
To: "Gregory J Rosmaita" <unagi69@concentric.net>, Xtech <wai-xtech@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.t3h9luzlwxe0ny@dhcp-181.palace.opera.no>


I agree with the sentiment, with a couple of comments below:

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:34:54 +0100, Gregory J. Rosmaita  
<unagi69@concentric.net> wrote:

> <q cite="http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20-TECHS/C7.html">
> Description
> The objective of this technique is to supplement the link text by adding
> additional text that describes the unique function of the link but  
> styling the additional text so that it is not rendered on the screen by
> user agents that support CSS. When information in the surrounding context
> is needed to interpret the displayed link text, this technique provides a
> complete description of the link unique function while permitting the  
> less complete text to be displayed.

CMN: Or just put the text there for thos of us who don't use a screen  
reader, but want to understand at a glance what is going on. It isn't like  
the issue tracker has had thousands of dollars in design and usability  
work, there is just some navigation.

I'd also suggest that sending it, you note the actual problem ("links  
being read out are not clear - you don't know, from the list of links,  
what the difference between "open" and "open" is), give a one line  
reference to each of WCAG 1 and 2 as indicators that this is generally  
recognised as an accessibility problem, and then suggest the simple bits  
of a solution.

It isn't as educative, but it takes less time to write, and if yu have to  
repeat yourself on some similar case in a few months, you can use that  
time to refer back, and point out that they should follow the references  
if they don't know what they are doing... and if they just forgot, a few  
short mails is likely to remind them not to forget next time...



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