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RE: Glossary: Semantic/Semantic Web [was: Re: Glossary: Web Conte nt]

From: <DPawson@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 09:50:45 +0100
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> [Semantic Web]
> The Semantic Web is a conceptual information space in which the
> resources identified by URIs can be processed by machines. It operates
> on the principles of "partial understanding" and "inference" (being
> able to infer new knowledge of terms from data that you already
> understand), and hence evolution and transformation.<delete> On an
> implementation basis, information is mostly represented as a set of
> triples (subject, predicate, object - similar to "noun verb object" in
> natural language), that allows machines to connect terms to one
> another. The relationships between the subjects and objects is often
> what gives the data its "meaning", and allows for the bootstrapping
> process to occur - for example "Zip in William's system is equivalent
> to Zip in Aaron's system, which is kinda like Postal Code in Sean's
> system".</delete> Because the URIs are being used to represent the
> systems can grow on a globally decentralized basis, similar to
> hypertext documentation systems on the early WWW.

Since definitions are sought, I've marked a section as a candidate
delete from the above, rationale being that how it works is
partly redundant for a definition.

Does that clarify?
 I certainly think its a fair working definition.
I wonder what tbl would think of it!

Regards DaveP
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