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Re: List version of FullChechlist violates 13.1

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:37:46 -0500
Message-ID: <38AD755A.E348B7DF@w3.org>
To: Steven McCaffrey <smccaffr@MAIL.NYSED.GOV>
CC: Wai-wcag-editor@w3.org
Steven McCaffrey wrote:
> In my opinion,
> http://www.w3.org/TR/WAI-WEBCONTENT/checkpoint-list.html
> violates
> 13.1 Clearly identify the target of each link. [Priority 2] Link text should be meaningful enough to make sense when read out of context -- either on its own or as part of a sequence of links. Link text should also be terse. For example, in HTML, write "Information about version 4.3" instead of "click here". In addition to clear link text, content developers may further clarify the target of a link with an informative link title (e.g., in HTML, the "title" attribute).
>      Specifically, when I tab from link to link, all I hear is the checkpoint number, clearly meaningless if you don't happen to already know what topic that checkpoint addresses.

I disagree. It was a conscious choice to not repeat the word
"Checkpoint" in every link text.
That's because once you hit the checkpoints, the links are *all*
checkpoints. Thus, it
suffices to hear the number to distinguish one link from another.
Repeating the word
"checkpoint" 70 times seemed like overkill.

> Further, I would like to see this moved to a priority 1, since what good is information if you cannot determine its meaning because the information is out of context?

The reason this is not priority 1 is that access to the information is
not impossible
if the link target is not clearly identified - you can still follow the
link to 
figure out whether the target is of interest. This is a burden, thus
easily meriting
priority 2 level, but the resource is still available even in the face
of bad link text.

 - Ian

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