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An online slideshow of architectural imagination from ALL countries

From: WA Community <wacommunity@worldarchitecture.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 10:29:13 +0300
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Please announce or forward to all your contacts...

Visit the most interesting contemporary buildings from ALL countries in
a slideshow-like presentation. The new BUILDING SURFER
<http://www.worldarchitecture.org>   of WA randomly shows all the 2500
buildings submitted for WA AWARDS by members from 135 countries.

You can click the images to see them larger. You can also pause the
show, click on the name of the architect and examine his/her work in
detail on a seperate window.

WA is not only for architects! One of the declared goals of the World
Architecture Community is to "stimulate public interest in architecture
to overcome the introvert character of architectural discourse and make
it an issue of general intellectual culture and gossip. "

English is not required! The message of architecture is inherently
visual: there is no language divide to prevent various cultures to
appreciate the expressions of architecture from different countries.

WA targets to become the most extensive world directory of contemporary
architecture where you can find architects from ALL countries with their
detailed portfolios.

World Architecture Community is founded by 200+ Honorary Members
(all internationally prominent scholars and architects) invited by Suha
Ozkan, former Secretary General of the Aga Khan Awards, an active member
UIA committees and international events.

You can also try the RATING MACHINE to effect the WA Awards to promote
architects from your country and participate in shaping the trends of
the future. Support the architectural approaches you believe to be
appropriate for our environment.

World Architecture Community. <http://www.worldarchitecture.org/>     |
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