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From: USARCD SPORTS <disabilitysportsuganda@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 04:26:28 -0800
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I humbly introduce to you the above-mentioned Association. USARCD is a
registered association in Uganda promoting recreation, sports, art and
cultural activities of people with disabilities. The association
mission is to see that all people with disabilities are actively
involved in sports and recreation to unlock the power of fitness and
physical activity. USARCD role is of providing, developing and
coordinating opportunities in sorts and recreation therapy for the
people with disabilities, partnering with development agencies and
institutions with the interest in the welfare of people with

USARCD activities have been limited to learning institutions, while
encouraging membership of all nationals. The Association is run and
managed by voluntary disabled and non-disabled members, including
Therapists, Sports Scientist, Social Workers among others.
Sports and recreation is one of the fundamental rights under the UN
that have since been ignored. It is a call to all member states under
the UN Chatter on rules of equalization of opportunities as adopted by
the General Assembly resolution 48/96 of 20th December 1993. The most
important consideration is that it is a health concern whereby the
lack of participation in sports and recreation is the main cause of
the non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart failure,
pressure, breast, colon and rectal cancer most common among people
with disabilities. While participation in sports and recreation not
only reduce the medical expenses, but increases the self-esteem,
strength, confidence and relationship building.

It is my obligations for see that the activities of USARCD are
satisfied and it is through partnership with organizations like yours
that USARCD can achieve its intended objectives. It is therefore my
humble request to you for your support for this noble cause. This is
an inquiry letter, however I will gladly provide any further
information you may require in consideration of your action on this
matter. Thank you for your time and May God Bless the works of your

Yours faithfully;

Edward Lwanga
Tell: 256414376435/ Mobile 256772949216
Buganda Road Flats, Block 667E, Kampala, Uganda
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