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Yes You Can!

From: Australian Seminars <makucha01@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 02:26:45 +0800
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Amazing three hour Sales Seminar Series

Yes You Can!

unlocks the secrets of... 
Overcoming Sales Objections   

Unlock the secrets of helping people buy by learning what you always wanted to know about overcoming objections!

Selling has changed so much in the last 10 years that even the pros are having trouble "Overcoming Sales Objections" as they adjusted to The New Economics of Selling.

Learn how the  New Economics of Selling recognise the change in peoples buying motives, and how people object to being sold, yet love to buy...

Unfortunately  the customer still raises objections that old selling techniques no longer overcome.

Overcoming Sales Objections will show you how to structure the sales process to achieve outstanding success.

You will learn to recognise the 6 Major Sales Objections Areas and we will show you 21 Techniques how to overcome them.

We will share with you techniques that identify the 5 most common Buying Signals that often go undetected, and train you in ways to assist the client to happily buy when previously the sale was lost.

In a lively, fun and interesting three hours you will learn all this and much more including... how to recognise the 10 most common styles of objections, and  then learn at least 27 ways to overcome them. 

The result - you will win many more sales!   

How effective are these ideas!
Outstandingly so! 
The local sales team of an  international music company, had results, which were at best, mediocre.  

After learning how  The New Economics of Selling applied to their service, and by implementing the new skills leaned in  Overcoming Sales Objections, the team went from producing  less than 5% of the national sales volume  to selling more than the rest of Australia combined.

So unusual was the turn around, the  International Vice President of Sales travelled from L.A. to review what the "Aussies were doing". 

Spectacular results were achieved, by the two West Australian sales teams of a fifty unit national services franchise who were always "bringing up the rear!"

After learning skills that allowed them to predict the likely objections, and by learning the 21 ways to overcome them, the West Australian's have consistently been amongst the top three teams in the country.  
Testimonial available on request

Anyone can learn these skills. 

What's more, after just three hours at the  Overcoming Sales Objections Seminar you will see fantastic results.

This stuff works!
Business Seminars Australia's sessions are presented by  Australian's for Australians... 
The material is new, vibrant and most importantly it works in Australia, today!!

Book your place now as these seminars will Fill Fast

Australia Wide Tour

• Group Rates available for 5 or more: 5 - 9 $99; 10- 19: $88; 20+ $77
• Qualifies for Tax Deductions as Training. 

How to book:

1. By fax
Print the form below, complete & send to the fax booking line in your city 

2. By phone
Call the Booking Hotline in your city

Yes You Can!
Overcoming Sales Objections

Australia wide tour... at a location near you:

      			Phone      		Fax
Brisbane      (07) 3319 8925      (07) 3319 8926
Sydney      	(02) 8080 8146      (02) 8080 8147
Adelaide      (08) 8423 0221      (08) 8423 0222
Melbourne     (03) 8080 1661      (03) 8080 1662
Perth      	(08) 9463 7807      (08) 9463 7808

Seminar Location and Booking Details

Yes You Can!Overcoming Sales Objections

Monday, August 12th, 2002   	Brisbane   	The Brisbane Novotel 
Wednesday, August 14th, 2002   	Sydney   	The Sydney Boulevard Hotel 
Monday, August 19th, 2002   	Adelaide   	The Adelaide Novotel 
Wednesday, August 21st, 2002   	Melbourne   	The Stamford Plaza Hotel
Wednesday, August 28th, 2002   	Perth    	The City West Function Centre

2 pm to 5 pm Workbook & Refreshments provided

Yes! We will be attending Yes You Can! Overcoming Sales Objections
Please book:
Number of Ticket/s      @ $111

	Select One
	Brisbane: August 12th
	Sydney: August 14th
	Adelaide: August 19th
	Melbourne: August 21st
	Perth: August 28th  

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Payment Details:
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Expiry Date   

Don't Delay - Places are limited and we always sell out!! Don't Miss Out!

You are important to us. If you are having problems ordering, please let us 
know - phone (08) 9463 7807 

Any questions?? Feel free to contact us and we'll explain the unique advantages of this particular seminar but remember places are limited!

Business Seminars Australia - since 1987
A division of The Which Company Pty Ltd
ABN: 90 091 728 620
Postal: P.O. Box 159, Northbridge W.A. 6865
Phone:  (08) 9463 7807 Fax: (08) 9463 7808

We collect eMail contact addresses from various publicly available sources and other marketing promotions. We understand you may wish NOT to receive information from us by eMail. To be removed from this and other offers, do not reply to 
sender,  simply send an email to listremove@exit.com.cn with "REMOVE + your email address" in the subject line  or phone (08) 9463 7807  or  fax details to (08) 9463 7808 

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