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(unknown charset) 水晶枕头垫、水晶坐垫

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Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:56:25 +0800
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  ˮǿƲˮ¿רƷ֮һ.ƷͼƬhttp://www.kebo.cc/zhendian.jpg òƷвǣѪ񣬽ĹЧ. ͸ԽϺãʹʱ
           website: http://www.kebo.cc
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Crystal bolster department rich crystal patented product that factory develops newly one of. Products picture: http://www.kebo.cc/zhendian.jpg, this product still 
builds the kidney to benefit intelligence, nourishes blood and calm the nerves , Solve except that the irritated efficiency strongly fragrantly. Its ventilative 
quality is better, the human body is nice and cool and comfortable while using; The modelling is novel and in good taste, the sense of the times is strong. Crystal 
cushion, support people use summer, it choose material on crystal of" ice in millennium" that people call put together into a cushion from ancient times. Sit good 
person who keep in touch with when using , sit sense nice and cool but also hold and have sultry sense for a long time. Easy to use, it accords with the science of 
physiology and ergonomy, is a kind of ideal cushion that handled official business , used when studying . The driver uses it in summer, will feel that the cushion 
is comfortable, soft, nice and cool, Produce while being difficult a diseases, such as sore, etc.. 

           website: http://www.kebo.cc
           emial: kebo@kebo.cc

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