Please keep me in mind. 9001-10000

From: Rodney Ball (
Date: Sun, Sep 02 2001

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    Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 20:57:29 +0700
    Subject: Please keep me in mind.    9001-10000
    Rodney A. Ball (American)
    24 soi Prachanimit
    Pradipat Road
    Samsanai, Bangkok
    10400 Thailand
    Office Phone - Country Code 662- 271-1151
    Mobile Phone -  Country Code 661-491-0553
    Please take my resume seriously. Please keep me in mind and give this a little thought. Off-site programming is possible and it saves money. 
    I'm American
    I'm educated 
    I have experience
    I'm dependable
    I'm honest
    And I need work!
    If I were at your site you would hire me, that's the way its been all my life.
    Now my home is in Bangkok and I'm asking you to consider me for off-site Software development. No job too small.
    You can give me a try with something that's not critical to your business. Let me prove myself then we can progress from there. I require no payment until you are satisfied. 
    OBJECTIVE (Please Read)
    I'm an American software engineer now living in Thailand, seeking a software development project that I can develop here in Bangkok. 
    The logistical problems of working from Bangkok are now next to non-existent, for example the cost for me to call anywhere in the US is FREE from Thailand. That's correct, I can call to any phone in the US from Thailand and talk as long as I like for free.
     I'm open to working on a project by project basis.
    We do software development, program conversion, program modification and upgrades and we do it here in Bangkok for customers in America, and we do it every day.
    The online revolution really is changing the world!
    Are you interested in saving development cost? 
    You could have an office 12,000 miles away !
     and a staff of 23 experienced programmers.
     And an American with 30 years IT experience to manage it.
    It will take a little effort on your part, but very rewarding. 
    YES, we still do Clipper and Foxpro for DOS..
    Data conversation, Graphic Design, Web page Design,
    Dynamic web pages - web pages generated on the fly from a database. 
    Access 97/2000, Delphi, Foxpro2.x, Power Builder, mySQL, msSQL, Visual Basic 6.0, VFP,  OOP Programming, java J++,  We do it all now!
    If you would like to talk, I'll be happy to call you.
    INTERNET PHONE, I have it, and you don't need it. My phone calls to the States are clear, easy to make and FREE. All I need is your phone number.
    PAGER, Send pager messages to me in Bangkok, any time of the day or night FREE. Type your message into a web page and 3 seconds later I've got it on my belt pager.
    SECURITY, When sending documents and files that require security, Zip them up and encode them using a 10 digit password using "Win-Zip" or "PKZIP".
    FILE and DOCUMENT TRANSFER, use "", Attached E-mail, FTP, CD-ROM.
    MOBILE PHONE, Country Code 661-491-0553
    * Software design and development, trouble-shooting; problem solving. 
    * Special expertise using every version of Foxpro from version 2.0 to version 6.0 Visual Foxpro. Database programming experience starting with the original Ashton Tate dBase dot prompt to current object oriented methodologies. Other database capabilities include Access 2.0; Access VB; Access SQL; Clipper 5.01; FoxBase; dbase III; dbase IV; Btrieve; Crystal Reports; Foxpro Report Generator.
    * Other languages - Delphi, Visual Basic 3.0, Visual Basic 5.0, HTML, Java/C++, C, FORTRAN
    * PC Operating Systems - DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.1; Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows NT, UNIX, LINUX
    * LAN - Novell NetWare 3.11; 3.12; 4.x and Windows NT
    1988 - Present Managing Director, American Consultants C0.,Ltd. Bangkok Thailand
    In 1988 I started a one-man computer consulting business in Bangkok Thailand. I provided computer consulting and software development for the English speaking business community. This company has allowed me to stay in Thailand both financially and by providing a business visa and work permit. Photocopies of my passport, business license, corporation papers and work permit available on request. Client list and other references also available.
    Projects & Accomplishments 
    * AmThai Jewelry Company - A joint venture Thai/American Jewelry manufacturing company. For this company I designed a barcode database driven inventory control and manufacturing process control system. Bar-coded materials slips were generated at order entry from a relational database that provided the needed materials for each style and quantity. This materials slip accompanied the order completely through the manufacturing process and ended at shipping. Tracking of each item through each department was also accomplished. This system provided security from theft or loss as gold and precious stones were involved. Each item out of thousands of items could be pinpointed to location and process and gold weight. Each barcode scanner entry point was interfaced to a jewelers scale which recorded the gold weight in a data-table. Many reports were generated daily and weekly to project needed materials, materials loss, shipping schedules, machinery maintenance, etc. I automated the whole factory. The barcode was UPC and 3-of-9 bar code systems.
    * POS (Point of Sale) - Consulted in the design and configuration of an Access database Point of Sale application for a retail bookstore chain. Designed special reports derived from the POS database using the Access Report Generator. 
    * Internet and E-mail - Provided client installation and support for the Internet. Consulting on Web site setup and Web Page design using Java, HTML technologies. Installed and setup software and hardware that allowed telephone cost from Thailand to North America to be cut by 90 percent. 1-800 calls Free. Cut Fax cost from Thailand to North America by 95% 
    * Peregrine Securities Research Institute - Designed and wrote software to take Company financial quarterly results and produce reports showing trends and ratios. This report was used to make securities buy and sell decisions from the research department. 
    * LAN (local area network) - Provided, installed and configured Local area Network Client/Server operating systems such as Novell NetWare and Windows NT.
    * LAN Systems Administrator - Audited and provided training for LAN Systems Operator management skills. 
    * Virus Detection and Prevention - One of the early pioneers in Thailand of generic detection and removal of both boot-record viruses and file viruses. Consulted with many major companies on this subject. 
    * Management and Executive Recruitment Consultants Limited - Designed and wrote software that produced a publication called "MERC Salary Survey". This is a comprehensive industry wide salary survey.
    * LAN Disaster Prevention System and Recovery - for Krung Thai Bank, Head Office Bangkok. Working as sub-contractor for Indigo Technologies (international banking consultants Cupertino California USA.) Designed and set up off site backup disaster prevention LAN network. This system processed all of Krung Thai Banks international banking transactions for more than three hundred banks. 
    * Jane's Defense Weekly - Customer support and training
    * Hardware Service - Installed, configured and maintained hardware. Also provided on-site service and upgrades. Troubleshoot and repair equipment problems as they arise. 
    * SAS Scandinavian Airlines System marketing application - Converted and upgraded this application to be user friendly and to reflect current marketing strategies. Access 2.0
    * Custom hardware Installations - custom built desktop PC systems using off-the-shelf brand name components. 
    * EUROPEAN UNION Delegation of the European Commission - Installation and design of a large Relational Database system, including staff training and support.
    * Year 2000 Support
    * Technology Transfer 
    1981 - 1986 Anaconda Advanced Technology Inc. A division of Atlantic Richfield Company, Los Angeles California.
    * Systems Qualification Test Engineer - Developed test procedures at board level and system qualification testing of data acquisition and process control equipment for the nuclear power plant industry. 
    * Developed, designed and automated in-house test equipment that interfaced to DEC-VAX computer systems. And the implantation and documentation of such equipment. 
    * Directed system integration with vender supplied dual Perkin-Elmer 8/82 based control system with more than 200 distributed I/O units employing color CRT's and redundant high speed data bus. Responsible for customer acceptance and sign off of such systems. 
    * Responsible for making engineering change orders when designs or components were not up to specification.
    * Designed representative test systems used to show seismic, EMI and environmental qualifications.
    * Designed and wrote the "Final Acceptance Test Procedure for the Tennessee Valley Authority Plant Alarm Display System". This test was successfully performed around the clock for five hundred hours at a cost of over two million dollars. Consulted with program management and the customer in identifying test requirements and developing test capabilities. Other duties included program
    ming, troubleshooting and repair of in-house test equipment. 
    1980 - 1981 Anaconda Advanced Technology Inc. A division of Atlantic Richfield Company, Los Angeles California.
    * Senior Test Technician - Responsibilities were subassembly test and repair to component level of complex digital controllers, computer interface and low level high accuracy ADC's using logic analyzers and other sophisticated test equipment.
    * Constructed breadboards, tested and evaluated electronic circuits. Troubleshoot, repair and calibration of in-house test equipment. ATE software/hardware integration. 
    1970 - 1978 University Computing Company, El Segundo, California
    * Computer Programmer - FORTRAN on Univax 1107 and 1108 main-frame computers. Analysis, design programming and documentation of new and existing application systems for the electric utility industry, such as load flow studies, fault isolation and network analysis of power grids. 
    * Analyzed user procedures, to identify and resolve user problems. Prepared training packages for new and existing application systems and provided technical support and training to users. 
    * Prepared specification reports and performed design task involving files and data base description, data flow diagrams, structures, and program description. 
    * Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
    University of Southern California at Los Angeles
    * Computer Science Major
    West Los Angeles College, Culver City
    Professional references on request