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Date: Tue, Oct 23 2001

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    Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:00:42 +1000
    Subject: MARKETING 
    As a fellow professional, you will find great interest in the
    marketing concept of this company
    They have superior approach to a market that certainly
    has its detractors.
    View their website at and note
    how they market their product and why they are so
    successful. Or call (02) 93103011 and listen 
    to their Telemarketing .
    Please also note their magazine Highrollers Magazine
    listed in the top three travel sites at
    I look forward to your comments 
    Please note the Gay market used the disposable income
    concept to Advertisers to attract Corporate Advertising
    This company Miss Fleiss uses same concept to the
    heterosexual market
    Very well done. They are marketing to a very
    class conscious market