ADV: How good are your IT skills?

Date: Thu, May 03 2001

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    Date: Thu,  3 May 2001 11:33:53 +0530 (IST)
    Subject: ADV: How good are your IT skills?
    Take the Skillometer Skills Challenge!  Win $100 and a Free Palm VIIx handheld!
    Get the recognition you deserve.  As an accomplished IT professional, we invite you to take the Skillometer Skills Challenge. Skillometer provides web-based skills testing for current and leading-edge Information Technologies.  Our tests measure the proficiency of the IT professional in a respective technology.  If you're good enough, we'll feature you on our website.  Choose your test, beat the high score, and we'll put your name and picture on our homepage.  
    Win a Free Palm VIIx handheld!  Go to  Fill out the form, choose the technologies in which you want to be tested, and you'll immediately receive an email with a hyperlink to your test(s).  For each correct answer, you'll receive an entry into our Palm VIIx Handheld giveaway.  Detailed contest rules are located at our website. 
    Think you're good?  Show everyone.  Take the Skillometer Skills Challenge!
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