Events page updates

From: Judy Brewer (
Date: Thu, Sep 14 2000

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    Message-Id: <>
    Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 20:05:14 -0400
    From: Judy Brewer <>
    Cc: Daniel Dardailler <>
    Subject: Events page updates
    Hi Kitch, Jim,
    Thanks for the recent work on the events page. Looking better.
    We'll be taking a look at the events page updates in the EO WG call
    tomorrow a.m., and will send you notes afterwards with any ideas. 
    If you happen to see this before the EOWG call tomorrow a.m., you might
    want to join in, but I realize this is very late notice; sorry, and don't
    worry if you can't make it.
    Kitch, looks like your or your student has been doing some updates already,
    but I think we may need to coordinate directly on some of this. I also
    realize that I should talk with you more about how you're having the
    student do the edits; for instance, are they editing directly on the W3C
    site, with your shell account and passwords, etc., or are they passing the
    info to you and you're publishing it? If the former, I'm in trouble and we
    need to find another way asap; if the latter, that's fine. Please confirm
    In looking at it today (Aug 29 revision) there appear to be some formatting
    problems in the lower half of the page; I'm not sure why. Can you check
    that please? Also, while there is a link to the new style sheet, the inline
    style from before is still present on the page. Could you please remove that.
    Also I noticed that on neither the primary events page or the past events
    is there a policy footer. I should have noticed this before; my fault.
    Could you please add the markup at the bottom of this message to the bottom
    of each page? 
    I expect during the EO WG call tomorrow we'll discuss some issues related
    to introduction and navigation on the page. Right now it's hard to tell
    what year the events are from the nav bar, and how to get to other
    information on the page, such as submitting events, etc. I think perhaps
    Jim used to rotate off the months from the nav bar when they had passed
    (and to also rotate off that material from the page), but I don't remember
    Also I noticed that several of the links to other conference sites from the
    bottom of the page link to very old pages on other sites, e.g. compiled
    conferences from 1998, etc., and those links should be updated if possible.
    Thanks again for your work on this, and if we don't get a chance to talk
    during tomorrow's call and you have any concerns or questions on the above,
    please email or call and we can talk.
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