Final Press Release for CUU - Please Distribute

Date: Mon, Nov 13 2000

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    Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:14:21 +0100
    Subject: Final Press Release for CUU - Please Distribute
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     ACM Conference on	
     Universal  Usability
     Hilton  Arlington VA
     November 16 and 17
    Disadvantaged Computer Users from Four 
    Continents Enrich International Conference 
    on Universal Usability 
    WHAT IF PARALYSIS prevents you from using a standard computer 
    keyboard? Or, if access to the network you depend on is manipulated by 
    others as a badge of power? 
    These challenges and more have been faced by the 19 Fellows at the 
    Conference on Universal Usability (CUU), being held next week (Nov. 16 
    and 17) in Arlington, Virginia.
    The CUU Fellows are specially invited, funded computer users from  
    developing nations and minority groups. They represent everyone to whom 
    computer technology is a necessary but frustrating part of life. They 
    hail from Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Ireland, the U.K., Romania and 
    the U.S. 
    CUU Fellows bring a special perspective to the conference. They 
    drive home the imperative for universal, usable computer and Internet 
    access for everyone, everywhere. They will draft a program of actions 
    to make universal access a reality, at a pre-conference workshop at the 
    Arlington Hilton on Wednesday, Nov. 15. Their report will be presented 
    to the conference assembled on Friday afternoon, Nov. 17.
    Full details about CUU are available at http:// 
    International Conference Strives to Make 
    Computers Usable and Available to All 
    People, Everywhere
    WHO OF US, no matter how technically gifted, has never had a 
    problem accessing a service or understanding an interface? 
    Not me. Not you. Not anyone.
    Taking action to redress the escalating frustrations of computer 
    users of all types is the focus of a major conference, being held next 
    week in Arlington, Virginia.
    The pervasiveness of problems with poorly designed computer systems 
    is the focus of this event: the Conference on Universal Usability 
    (CUU). The problems are so extensive and of such importance that the 
    Association for Computing Machinery is being joined by 25 firms, 
    professional societies, and government agencies in sponsoring the 
    event. Included are leading high technology firms such as America 
    Online, Intel, Oracle, Motorola and Sun Microsystems.
    Next Thursday and Friday (Nov. 16 and 17), the combined resources 
    of key players in the IT revolution will be concentrated at the Hilton 
    Arlington & Towers, 950 N. Stafford St., Arlington VA (703-528-6000). 
    For a summary description of the growing chasm separating those who 
    have effective IT access from those who do not, visit  
     ACM Conference on	
     Universal  Usability
     Hilton  Arlington VA
     November 16 and 17
    Reversing Failure, Alleviating Frustration: 
    International Conference Takes Up the Cause
    of Computing's Everyman
    TOO OFTEN, computer system complexity, incompatible file formats, 
    confusing interfaces, high cost, and especially inadequate attention to 
    the needs of diverse groups lead to user frustration and failure.
    Reversing failure and alleviating frustration are among the goals 
    of the Conference on Universal Usability (CUU), taking place next week 
    (Nov. 16 and 17) in Arlington, Virginia. This international conference 
    will be opened by Thomas Kalil, Special Assistant to the President for 
    Economic Policy -- a key player in past disability access efforts and 
    currently the point man in U.S. efforts to narrow the Digital Divide 
    between those who have access to computing and those who do not.
    The more than 300 CUU attendees also will experience
    ?	A presentation describing universal access for any user, in many 
    languages, on any computer platform
    ?	Poster papers depicting visual cues for the visually impaired, a 
    sign language recognition system, a remittance service for blind 
    user ATM operation, and a tool to evaluate universal web 
    Full details about CUU are available at http:// 
     ACM Conference on	
     Universal  Usability
     Hilton  Arlington VA
     November 16 and 17
    Universal Usability Conference Volunteers 
    Build Web Resource to Empower Every 
    Citizen in Cyberspace
    THERE'S A TRITE saying in Western culture that "it ain't over till 
    the fat lady sings". But in the case of a unique international meeting, 
    the fat lady may never be finished singing -- and computer users 
    everywhere will benefit.
    That's because student volunteers at the Conference on Universal 
    Usability (CUU) have constructed a special web site 
    ( This site is dedicated to understanding how 
    to design computer technology so that it is usable by everyone: users 
    of all levels of expertise, cognitive ability, and physical ability, 
    and users with economic and social constraints.
    The site will be a primary resource for computer usability 
    information, discussion and research long after the CUU conference is 
    over. CUU is being held Nov. 16 and 17 in Arlington, Virginia.
    The universal usability site includes a discussion forum and an 
    information storehouse about user communities, tasks and activities, 
    computer hardware and software, and social and organizational systems.
    The student volunteers who built the site began their effort months 
    before the conference itself, undertaking a daunting task for a group 
    working asynchronously across time, language and cultural barriers. CUU 
    funded their travel expenses, accommodations, meals and registration.