7th Annual HRMOB Conference (forward)

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita (unagi69@concentric.net)
Date: Mon, Mar 13 2000

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    Subject: 7th Annual HRMOB Conference (forward)
    an audience we should perhaps be addressing?
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    Subject: 7th Annual HRMOB Conference
    Dear Colleagues and List subscribers:
    I believe this note to be of interest to us and I hope it will be well
    This October I will be heading up the Human Resource Management and
    Organizational Behavior (HRMOB) conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    It will be held at the downtown Hilton Charlotte & Towers on October
    19-22, 2000. The conference theme is "Human Resources and Organizational
    Management in the Global Digital Economy.
    The very topics we discuss, exchange and recommend each day as member
    subscribers on this list are quite human resource management and
    organizational behavior centered.  These and related interdisciplinary
    topics are extremely relevant to future applications in our global
    economy. We won't be able to escape them. And I invite you to present
    your interest in paper, workshop or other form at this meeting.
    In conference we acquire visibility for our work and ideas, undergo
    scholarship sharing and exchanges, interact among our colleagues and
    acquire support for our professional efforts; and lots of guidance when
    new ways take precedence. Certainly an excellent and credible
    organization to attend, meet others of like interests, present a paper
    or research, and have it documented through full publication in a
    quality and respected proceedings volume. Such an exposure would
    definitely enlighten our profession and aid in practical applications as
    we jettison forward in the 21st Century of a most inviting and long
    awaited period of improved living and technology. 20th Century ways are
    being pushed aside on a daily basis.  High technology is the present and
    future of our lives. I believe we are the cadres of this thrust. And now
    is our opportunity to be the new inventors, creators, developers and
    leaders in this day any age of greatness.
    Join me and others for this exciting conference.  You are invited to
    visit the website at www.aom-iaom.org (click the HRMOB Call for Papers)
    and prepare to attend and participate with us. I am available as your
    point of contact (POC). You can be assured of my personal assistance in
    all attendance and submission matters. Colleague referees will peer
    review each submission for its contribution to HRMOB prior to
    acceptance, and you will be immediately notified of the result.
    Again, visit the website at www.aom-iaom.org and review the HRMOB Call
    for Papers.
    Our time has come to create new and ingenious ways for our future.
    Yours today and tomorrow,
    Willem Arthur Hamel, Ph.D., Chairman
    Human Resource Management and Organizational
    Behavior Year 2000 Conference
    Ph: 757-482-2273, Fax: 757-482-0325, AoM@Series2000.com
    PS: The 18th Annual AoM/IAoM International Conference, and Project 2005:
    A Millennium Congress, www.aom-iaom.org, August 10-12, 2000, San
    Antonio, TX,  are accepting submissions until March 31st in multiple
    specialties. They too are superb.
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