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Date: Thu, Jun 29 2000

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From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Subject: IID Dialog in Rio - PROGRAM

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>Subject: IID Dialog in Rio - PROGRAM
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>With apologies in advance for cross-postings
>Dear Colleague:
>As you may know, the Inter-American Institute on Disability (IID) is 
>organizing the 1st Inter-American Dialog on Disability and Development, to
>held in August 28, 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part of the official 
>calendar of activities of the XIX World Congress of Rehabilitation 
>The main goal of the Dialog is to bring together government agencies, 
>consumer organizations and international agencies that operate in the 
>Inter-American region to evaluate existing programs/initiatives and to 
>develop strategies to increase cooperation for the next 10 years. Please
>below some more details on the event.
>The IID is a non-profit organization, founded and managed by disabled people 
>and their allies, to empower people with all kinds of disabilities and their 
>families in the Inter-American region, and also in Spanish and Portuguese 
>speaking countries of Europe and Africa. Our mission is to act as a catalyst 
>and a broker, forging partnerships to improve cooperation for disability and 
>Besides the Dialog, IID will also hold its 1st General Assembly, to nominate 
>members of the Inter-American Board of Directors and International Advisory 
>Board. The date for the Assembly is not yet defined but it will be held also 
>during the RI2000 (August 25-29), at the same venue of the Conference.
>At this opportunity, we would like to invite you to participate in the IID 
>General Assembly, as well as in the Inter-American Dialog. 
>The Theme of the Dialog is: "An Overview of Ongoing Disability Development 
>Programs in Latin America & Perspectives for Future Cooperation". The
>will consist on short presentations of international development agencies' 
>programs in Latin America and other Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries, 
>related to disability. After the sessions, it will be time for an
>debate among these agencies and participant NGOs and Government agencies. 
>Please find enclosed a Preliminary Program for the Dialog. Some of the 
>speakers are still being confirmed. Since we have other potential speakers 
>showing interest to also participate, it is possible that we extend the 
>Dialog for the next afternoon (8/29).
>Also note that our session (the Dialog) follows the same structure of all
>other sessions of the RI Conference: every morning, the conference will
>at 11:00am (to avoid heavy traffic in Rio) with a cultural activity and the 
>keynote speakers, at the plenary-room, until 1-1:30 pm. After these, all the 
>different sessions take place until 6:30-7:00 p.m., when transportation will 
>be available to take participants to the hotels. 
>We would also like to extend our invitation in order to have you 
>participating in the general sessions of the RI Congress. A preliminary 
>version of the RI program will be available soon. 
>We ask you please, to confirm the interest of your organization to 
>participate in the Dialog. Space is limited and we want to be as inclusive
>possible. Simultaneous interpretation from/to English, Spanish and
>will be provided.
>Thank you again for you interest.
>We are looking forward to your participation!
>Best Regards,
>Rosangela Berman Bieler
>Inter-American Institute on Disability (IID)
>Headquarters, Washington, DC
>711 Brent Road
>Rockville, MD 20850 USA
>Tel: (301)838-3031
>Fax: (301)838-3029
>Email: iidisab@aol.com
>Web: www.iidisability.org
>Inter-American Dialog 
>on Disability & Development
>IID is organizing the 1st Inter-American Dialog on Disability and 
>Development, to be held in August 28, 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as 
>part of the official calendar of activities of the IXX World Congress of 
>Rehabilitation International-RI2000. 
>Registration Fees
>Since the Dialog will be part of the RI program there will be no
>fee, other than the one for the RI World Congress. For information & 
>registrations to the RI Congress, please contact the local organizers: 
>C & M - Congresses and Meetings
>Rua Marques 3/101
>22260-240, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
>Tel/ Fax: 55-21-539-1214
>Email: cm@cxpostal.com.br
>Hotel Reservations:
>Havas Creative Tours
>Rua Visconde de Pirajá 623/805
>Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro
>Tel.: 021-511-1100
>Fax: 021-511-2323
>Why attend?
>The reasons why agencies should attend this meeting are:
>1- Development agencies normally have sparse information on 
>activities/organizations on disability issues in Latin America. Because of 
>this fact, some opportunities for cooperation have been missed;
>2- There have been no opportunities for a dialog involving all the actors in 
>disability and development programs in the field;
>3- Very few meetings on the topic have been held in developing countries, 
>especially in Latin America. Taking into consideration the unique
>of the RI2000 this is a unique occasion to establish a productive dialog and 
>new partnerships involving a number of key organizations from the region and 
>also those groups, which operate globally.
>4- Having the meeting combined with such a significant international meeting 
>(RI2000), where delegations of more than 100 countries will be attending 
>(3000-4000 participants are expected) it's a strategy than can benefit all:
>· International agencies can benefit from the opportunity to learn from the 
>whole conference and to establish new partnerships;
>· Many of the invited agencies are already enrolled in activities during the 
>· IID is a part of the RI2000 organizing and scientific committees and would 
>like to use the opportunity of having such a selected group of potential 
>speakers to involve them with other development related activities also in 
>the RI2000;
>· This approach could prove cost beneficial to your organization, as you
>be able to make many linkages and connections.
>- 1st Inter-American Dialog on Disability and Development -
>- I Diálogo Interamericano sobre Deficiência e Desenvolvimento -
>- Primer Diálogo Interamericano sobre Discapacidad y Desarrollo -
>8/28/2000 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>Rio Centro - Room C3
>· Inter American Institute on Disability · Instituto Interamericano sobre 
>·  Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad (IID)
>An Overview of Ongoing Disability Development Programs in Latin America 
>& Perspectives for Future Cooperation 
>13:30 - 13:45:  Opening Remarks - Rosangela Berman Bieler, President IID
>13:45 - 14:30: Organizational Development & International Cooperation
>Moderator:  Rosangela Berman Bieler, President IID
>·   Eva Falkenberg, SIDA, Sweden
>·   Manuel García Viso, Real Patronato de Prevención y de Atención a
>con Minusvalía, Spain
>·   International Cooperation Models in the Disability Field - Stig Langvad, 
>14:30- 15:15:   Information Technology Programs
>·   Alex McDonald, Toucan Europe, UK
>    Capacity Building for Disability Organizations in Cuba & the Caribbean
>·   Jessica Lewis, Trust for the Americas, OAS 
>NetCorps Americas: Training Disabled People on Information & Communication 
>Technologies in Latin America
>·   Barbara Duncan, RI, DisabilityWorld.org (IDEAS for the Next Millennium 
>Project), USA
>15:15 - 15:45:  Questions & Answers
>15:45 - 16:00:  Coffee-Break
>16:00-16:30:    Women Programs
>Moderator:  Lucy Wong-Hernandez, Disabled Peoples' International
>·   Diana Rivington, CIDA, Gender Equality Division, CA **
>·   Kathy Martinez, World Institute on Disability, Project Global
>for Employment of Women with Disabilities, USA 
>16:30 - 17:30:  Education & Employment Programs
>Moderator:  Eileen Girón Batres, ACOGIPRI, El Salvador
>·   Martha Aristizabal Gómez, GLARP, Colombia
>·   Jane Brodin, Stockholm Institute of Education & Trinidad Rivera, (SIH 
>Läromedel), Sweden
>·   Gordon Porter, Inclusion International, Canada 
>·   Silvia Golocovsky, Gallaudet University, USA **
>17:30 - 17:45: Questions & Answers
>17:45 - 18:30:  Land Mine & CBR Programs
>Moderator:  Armando Vásquez, Asesor Regional de Rehabilitación OPS (Regional 
>Officer for Rehabilitation/PAHO), Nicaragua
>·   Marie Christine Ranger Harris, Central American Land Mine Survivors 
>Project, CA **
>·   William K. Smith & Ira Abrams, Center for International Rehabilitation 
>(CIR) and Physicians Against Land Mines (PALM), USA
>·   Jerome Bickenbach, World Health Organization, Geneva, WHO's CBR Projects 
>in Latin America
>·   Tomas Lagerwall, Swedish Handicap Institute, CBR Projects in Latin 
>America, Sweden 
>18:30 - 18:45:  Questions & Answers
>| ** |  - to be confirmed
>- Instituto Interamericano sobre Discapacidad 
>    - Instituto Interamericano sobre Deficiência
>      - Inter-American Institute on Disability 
>Rosangela Berman Bieler
>IID Headquarters, Washington, DC
>711 Brent Road
>Rockville, MD 20850 USA
>Tel.:   1(301) 838-3031
>Fax:    1(301) 838-3029
>Email:  iidisab@aol.com
>Web:    www.iidisability.org
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