2000 calendar of disability related events

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Some of these may be relevant. Can you check them out?


- Judy

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>                     National and Regional Conferences
>DATE: January 6-8, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS:  Urban League of Nebraska, Inc., The American
>Indian Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (AIRRTC), and the
>Georgia Institute of Technology: Center for Rehabilitation Technology.
>EVENT: Second Annual Training Conference on Organizational Development &
>Grantsmanship, Hosted by the National Family for the Advancement of
>Minorities with Disabilities.
>LOCATION: Miami, Florida
>DESCRIPTION: Learn to develop and maintain successful community
>organizations to serve individuals with disabilities; learn the art of
>collaboration, capacity building, grant writing and assisted technology;
>increase participation of ethnic, rural and low-income
>individuals/communities into the disabilities services network.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call (404) 894-7637
>DATE: January 11-15, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Special Education Department, University of
>EVENT: Post secondary Learning Disability Training Institute South
>LOCATION: Sheraton Safari Hotel Orlando, Florida
>DESCRIPTION: The Conference will assist concerned professionals to meet the
>unique needs of college students with learning disabilities and other
>hidden disabilities. The various Strands and Sessions will be presented by
>experts in the field and provide in-depth information and adequate time for
>questions and follow-up activities to meet your particular needs.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.doce.ufl.edu/conferences
>DATE:  January 23-25, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission
>EVENT: Medical Rehabilitation and Adult Day Services International
>DESCRIPTION: "Essentials for Success in CARF Accreditation: Practical
>LOCATION:  Tucson Marriott University Park Hotel
>DATE: January 26-29, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent
>EVENT: PACER Center, "Keeping the Vision Alive in the New Millennium"
>LOCATION: Hyatt Regency, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: Third Annual National Alliance Conference.  Participants will
>hear disability and special education experts and policy makers, attend
>information-packed sessions, attend a Capitol Hill Reception, and network
>with other families and parent centers.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: call (888) 248-0822 or http://www.taalliance.org
>DATE:  January 27-29, 2000
>EVENT:  2000 Colorado Conference on Inclusive Education
>LOCATION:  Denver Marriott Tech Center
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Peak Parent Center (719) 531-9400,
>DATE:  January 30 - February 2, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Federation of the Blind
>EVENT: NFB Washington Seminar
>LOCATION:  Holiday Inn Capital, Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: National conference on laws, legislation, and leadership
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: (410) 659-9314; http://www.nfb.org
>Date:  February 3-5, 2000
>Sponsoring Organization: Virtual Center for Literacy and Disability
>University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
>Event: The Ninth Symposium on Literacy and Disabilities
>Location:  Cary, North Carolina (Near Raleigh-Durham airport)
>Description:  The Symposium will focus on all disabilities including
>disabilities, adult onset and other acquired disabilities, and, as always,
>developmental and severe disabilities. The format of the Symposium includes
>mix of concurrent sessions and plenary sessions on both days.
>For More Information: Jean Cox, Symposium Coordinator, (919) 966-9040,
>jcox@css.unc.edu, http://www.alliedhealth.unc.edu/lit2k/
>DATE:  February 9-12, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  VSA arts (formerly Very Special Arts)
>EVENT: VSA arts' Annual Conference, "Strength of Shared Vision"
>LOCATION:  Hyatt Regency, Bethesda, MD
>DESCRIPTION: An opportunity to share the VSA arts mission ("Promoting the
>creative power in people with disabilities") with a broad congressional and
>educational audience, to share resources, and to introduce members of our
>affiliate network to partner organizations.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Richard Russey, (800) 933-8721,
>DATE:  February 16-19, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  LDA, the Learning Disabilities Association of
>EVENT: Bet on a Better Future: LDA 2000 and Beyond
>DESCRIPTION:  The annual LDA conference is a major source of information
>for educators, other professionals, parents, and adults about the latest
>developments in the field of learning disabilities.   More than 175
>individual sessions or poster presentations will be offered.  Presenters
>include professionals in the field, advocates for persons with learning
>disabilities, parents of children with learning disabilities and adults
>with learning disabilities.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Learning Disabilities Association of America, (412)
>341-1515,  ldanatl@usaor.net, http://www.ldanatl.org
>DATE:  February 20-22, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission
>EVENT:  Behavioral Health International Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  "Diversity: Recognizing the Individual"
>LOCATION: Tucson Marriott University Hotel
>DATE:  February 22-23, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: President's Committee on Mental Retardation
>EVENT: Reaching Up Foundation: "Conference on Poverty and Early Onset
>DESCRIPTION: Exploring the interrelationships of poverty with disability as
>they relate to prevention/early intervention, education, employment and the
>criminal justice system.
>LOCATION:  City University of New York
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jane Browning, 202-260-1500 or
>DATE:  February 24-26, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior
>EVENT:  Annual Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  An annual conference for persons who are interested in/work
>with children with behavior/emotional disorders or autism.
>LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.mslbd.org, KMcbr41457@aol.com, or (913)
>492-8755; FAX: 913/492-2546
>DATE: February 27 - March 1, 2000
>Sponsoring Agency: International Association of Jewish Vocational Services
>EVENT: Annual Conference and Board of Directors Meeting
>LOCATION:  St. Pete Beach, Florida
>DESCRIPTION: Annual conference with plenary and breakout sessions focusing
>on a variety of topics including disability.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Genie Cohen, Executive Director, coheng@jevs.org
>DATE: February 29 - March 4, 2000
>Sponsors: Social Security Admin & Dept of Ed; Rehabilitation International
>World Institute on Disability
>EVENT: First Conference of Native American Women with Disabilities
>DESCRIPTION: "Stepping Stones to Health, Wellness & Employment"
>LOCATION: AVI Resort, Laughlin, Nevada
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kathy Martinez, WID: kathy@wid.org
>DATE: February 29 - March 4, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: World Institute on Disability
>EVENT: "Stepping Stones to Increasing Employment for Native American Women"
>LOCATION: Laughlin, Nevada
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kathy Martinez-World Institute on Disability
>DATE: March 1-3, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: New England Foundation for the Arts, National
>Endowment for the Arts, and The 6th New England State Art Agencies
>EVENT: Arts & Accessibility in New England
> LOCATION: Royal Sonesta Hotel Cambridge, MA.
>Contact: Renee Wells (802) 388-7133, Registration 617-951-0010
>DATE: March 3-5, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: American Foundation for the Blind
>EVENT: American Foundation for the Blind's "Josephine L. Taylor Leadership
>Institute (JLTLI)"
>DESCRIPTION: Achieving An Accessible World: Partnerships, Roadblocks, And
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Gabriella Smith-Coventry at 212-502-7654 or
>DATE:  March 3-4, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Council for Learning Disabilities (CLD)
>EVENT: Meeting the Challenges of the New Millenium, sponsored by CLD and
>the Virginia Chapter.
>LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia at the Crowne Plaza Hotel; phone:804-788-0900
>DESCRIPTION: Conference featuring experts in over 30 sessions for teachers,
>psychologists, and other support personnel who are concerned with teaching
>and research related to the education and life span development of
>individuals with learning disabilities.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:Judy B. Engelhard at jengelha@runet.edu or the
>national organization at  http://www.cldinternational.org
>Date: March 5-7, 2000
>Sponsoring Organization: Brain Injury Association (BIA)
>Event: BIA's 2000 Public Policy Conference - Capacity, Collaboration and
>Clout: Building TBI Services in the 21st Century
>Location: Arlington, VA
>Description: Experience an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts
>how to advance the key brain injury issues in the new century, including
>TBI Act, patients' rights and managed care.
>For More Information: (703) 236-6000, www.biausa.org
>DATE:  March 6-7, 2000
>EVENT: 16th Annual Pacific Rim Conference
>DESCRIPTION: ?Creating Futures, Kaleidoscopes of Opportunity for People
>with Disabilities?
>LOCATION: Honolulu, HI.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Dotty Kelly: (808) 945-1432, dotty@hawaii.edu
>Date: March 7-9, 2000
>Sponsoring Organization: Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Government (DHHIG)
>Event: 2000 National Training Conference (NTC) On Employment of Federal
>Employees Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
>Location: Natcher Conference Center on the campus of National Institutes of
>Health, Bethesda, Maryland
>Description: The NTC is an annual premium conference with keynote speakers
>and workshops to promote professional growth and diversity in the Federal
>sector through an array of technology, training, networking, and
>communication opportunities.  This conference will also focus on a caucus
>and panel featuring communication access and professional development.
>About 1,000 people are expected to attend.
>For more information: http://www.dhhig.org
>DATE: March 9-12, 2000
>EVENT: Multicultural Deaf Conference: Implications for 2000 and Beyond
>DESCRIPTION: Catch the vision!  What will diversity look like in the 21st
>century for those within the deaf community?  If we see it, we can achieve
>it!  During this two day conference, today's most relevant topics and
>issues will be incorporated into workshops and presentations designed to
>challenge our thinking and affect change.  Conference topics include: deaf
>education, deaf professionals, employment/rehabilitation, and our diverse
>community.  Join us as we create a portrait of our future!
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Audrey Wineglass, (202) 651-6060 (V/TTY), (202)
>651-6041 (FAX), conference.cce@gallaudet.edu
>DATE: March 15, 2000
>Sponsoring Organization: National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange
>EVENT: World of Options Conference and Expo
>LOCATION: JFK Library, Boston, MA
>DESCRIPTION: A Conference for disability and international exchange
>professionals with
>the goal of increasing participation of people with disabilities in
>international exchange opportunities. Topics discussed will include
>funding, legal responsibilities, homestays, recruiting, accessibility and
>The Expo following the conference will be free and open to the public.
>Youth with disabilities, students, parents, educators encouraged to attend
>to learn about possible international exchange opportunities. Workshops on
>funding and success stories from people with disabilities will be
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Rhonda Neuhaus at (541) 343-1284 (V/TTY),
>clearinghouse@miusa.org, www.miusa.org.
>DATE:  March 25-28, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Multiple Sclerosis Society
>EVENT: Annual National Issues & Empowerment Forum
>LOCATION:  Washington, DC
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Sara Collins (202) 408-1500
>DATE: March 25-28, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Association of People with AIDS
>EVENT: "AIDSWatch 2000"
>LOCATION: Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: AIDSWatch is the largest annual constituent-based federal
>HIV/AIDS education and advocacy initiative in the United States. Training,
>networking, and direct advocacy to Congress.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jean-Michel Brevelle p:202/898-0414 ext. 103 e-mail:
>jmbrevelle@napwa.org  website:www.napwa.org/aidswatc.htm
>DATE:  March 26-28, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Rehabilitation Accreditation
>EVENT:  Employment and Community Services International Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  "Possibility, Visions and Purpose: Setting Standards of
>Excellence for the New Millennium"
>LOCATION:  Tucson Marriott University Park Hotel
>DATE: March 28 - April 1, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Association of School Psychologists
>EVENT: 32nd Annual Convention
>LOCATION: Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA
>DESCRIPTION: An annual convention for school psychologists which offers a
>broad array of professional and personal learning experiences.  Among those
>invited to participate: Judy Heumann, Barbara Huff.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call (301)657-0270, or visit our website at
>DATE: March 30-31, 2000
> SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
>Stroke, American Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Foundation, Citizens United for
>Research in Epilepsy, National Association of Epilepsy Centers
>EVENT: Conference on Curing Epilepsy:  Focus on the Future
>LOCATION:  Natcher Conference Center, NIH Campus, Bethesday, MD
>DESCRIPTION:  Scientific conference for scientists, clinicians and informed
>on current knowledge and future opportunities in epilepsy research.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Terry Balderson, KRA Corp., 1010 Wayne Ave., Ste
>800, Silver Spring, MD, 20910, Tel. 877-804-2377 or go to
>DATE: April 1-5, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Council for Exceptional Children
>EVENT: World Congress
>LOCATION:  Vancouver
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-888-232-7733
>DATE: April 2-5, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Inter-National Association of Business, Industry
>and Rehabilitation (I-NABIR), and Association of Rehabilitation Programs in
>Computer Technology (ARPCT)
>EVENT: Annual Spring Meeting
>LOCATION: Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: This meeting is for organizations involved in training and
>placement programs for persons with disabilities. Most are interested in
>the Projects with Industry approach. Topics this year will include
>implementation of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Bill and the use
>of the internet and computer technology in training and placement.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Charles Harles, Executive Director, fax 202-546-2854
>email inabir@harles.com
>DATE:  April 5-8, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Council for Exceptional Children
>EVENT: Annual Conference
>LOCATION:  British Columbia
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-888-232-7733
>DATE: April 9-11, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: The Arc and the American Association on Mental
>EVENT: The Arc/AAMR Governmental Affairs Seminar
>LOCATION: Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: The Seminar includes briefings by Hill experts and The Arc
>staff on key legislative issues that affect people with mental retardation
>and related disabilities and their families.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: The Arc, 202-785-3388;www.thearc.org or AAMR,
>202-387-1968; www.aamr.org.
>DATE: April 12-14, 2000
>EVENT: Bridging the Gap II: Integrating Research and Practice in the Fields
>Learning Disabilities and Deafness
>DESCRIPTION: Here's an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and become
>familiar with
>the tools needed to help you meet the needs of students from preschool to
>post-secondary education and adult programs. Featuring Dr. Mel Levine,
>renowned author, director of the Clinical Center for the Study of
>Development and Leaning at the University of North Carolina School of
>Medicine, and founder of All Kinds of Minds, a non-profit institute for the
>study of differences in learning.  Key topics for this two and a half-day
>program will include early identification methods, strategic interventions,
>and accurate evaluation procedures.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Georgette Lopes, (202) 651-6060 (V/TTY), (202)
>651-6041 (FAX), conference.cce@gallaudet.edu
>DATE:  April 13-14, 2000
>EVENT: The National Issues & Best Practice Forum on Self Employment for
>Individuals with Disabilities
>LOCATION: Missoula, MT.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  cgriffin@selway.umt.edu
>DATE:   April 14-19, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Industries for the Blind
>EVENT:  National Sales Training Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  Representatives from NIB-associated agencies serving people
>are blind and government customers gather to discuss sales, marketing,
>employment and issues important to the future of the Javits-Wagner-O'Day
>LOCATION:  Hyatt Regency, Crystal City, VA
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  bsherr@nib.org
>Date: April 18, 2000
>Sponsoring OrganizationS:  Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind
>or Severely Disabled, National Industries for the Blind and NISH (serving
>people with a range of severe disabilities)
>Event:  Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Program Summit
>Location:  Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Arlington, VA
>Description:  The first national meeting designed to bring together
>representatives from three key stakeholder communities that support
>employment opportunities generated by the award of Federal contracts to
>nonprofit organizations employing people with severe disabilities.  In a
>series of plenary and break-out sessions, policy and program leaders from
>the Federal acquisition community, Federal programs serving adults with
>disabilities and representatives of over 600 State and local nonprofit
>organizations employing people who are blind or have other severe
>disabilities will discuss the challenges and opportunities which need to be
>addressed as the JWOD Program plans for its future.  The Summit will occur
>during the Annual Sales Conference of National Industries for the Blind and
>the Annual Training Conference of NISH.  Expected attendance is 1,600.
>There is no registration fee for the Summit events on April 18th.
>For More Information:  Contact Bob Hartt at (703) 603-7742, rhartt@jwod.gov
>or visit www.nib.org or www.nish.org
>DATE:  April 26-28, 2000
>EVENT:  Annual Rehabilitation Issues Forum
>LOCATION:  Downtown Marriott, Kansas City, MO
>DESCRIPTION:  A conference on current trends and best practices in
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Sue Gunn gunnsn@missouri.edu
>DATE:  April 26-29, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Western Social Sciences Association, Section on
>Chronic Disease & Disability
>EVENT: Annual Conference
>LOCATION: San Diego, CA
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  David Pfeiffer:pfeiffer@hawaii.edu
>DATE:  May 3, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange
>Event:  World of Options Conference and Expo:
>LOCATION: Preservation Park, Oakland, CA
>Description: A Conference for disability and international exchange
>professionals with
>the goal of increasing participation of people with disabilities in
>international exchange opportunities. Topics discussed will include
>funding, legal responsibilities, homestays, recruiting, accessibility and
>more.  The Expo following the conference will be free and open to the
>public.  Youth with disabilities, students, parents, educators encouraged
>to attend
>to learn about possible international exchange opportunities. Workshops on
>funding and success stories from people with disabilities will be
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Rhonda Neuhaus at (541)
>343-1284 (V/TTY), clearinghouse@miusa.org, www.miusa.org.
>DATE: May 4-5, 2000
>EVENT: "Disability and Health: A Wellness Agenda"
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and
>the Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living
>LOCATION: Dearborn, Michigan
>DESCRIPTION: This conference will examine four major issues affecting
>health and wellness for people with disabilities: current and emerging
>practices, political and systems issues, theory and research, and building
>a wellness network.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Doug Schwentor (Phone: 616-396-5326, Email:
>DATE: May 5-7, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)
>EVENT: SHHH Pennsylvania Regional Conference
>LOCATION: Holiday Inn (Harrisburg/Hershey), Grantville, PA
>DESCRIPTION: Sixteen workshops featuring nationally recognized experts in
>all areas of hearing loss, plus exhibits, receptions, awards, etc.
>Attendees will include hard of hearing consumers from Pennsylvania, New
>Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland, and Ohio. All sessions fully
>communication accessible.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: phone 717-273-5596 email <ctroutmn@lmf.net>
>website http://trfn.clpgh.org/shhh/shhh30c.html
>DATE:  May 5-7, 2000
>Conference:  International Parent to Parent Conference 2000
>Sponsor: Nevada University Affiliated Programs, University of Nevada Reno
>Place:  Reno, Nevada
>DESCRIPTION: With over 90 sessions and presenters from 41 states and 6
>countries, this conference will bring together from around the world
>families, individuals with special needs, child and family advocates,
>social workers, psychologists, educators, health care professionals,
>physicians, government leaders, policy makers, researchers, clergy members,
>corporate leaders, and volunteers.  It will feature key note speakers,
>presentations, round tables, and skill building workshops about how best to
>support families and develop best practices for people with disabilities as
>we transition into the 21st Century.
>Contact: Cheryl Dinnell, (775) 784-4921, cdinnell@scs.unr.edu,
>DATE:  May 9-11, 2000
>EVENT:  ADA Symposium 2000: Celebrate the Decade!
>LOCATION:  Kansas City Marriott Downtown, Kansas City, Missouri
>DESCRIPTION: Symposium 2000 will bring together federal, state and local
>perspectives on the ADA to provide a comprehensive picture of the ADA
>now--in the future--and in your community. Symposium 2000 will feature
>speakers from the US Access Board, Dept. of Justice, EEOC, Dept. of
>Education, Dept. of Transportation and the Dept. of the Interior. Learning
>tracks will be provided for ADA coordinators, human resource managers,
>facility managers, building
>inspectors, architects and attorneys.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 800-949-4232 (IA,KS,MO,NE), 573-882-3600,
>hamburgl@missouri.edu, http://www.adaproject.org
>DATE: May 22-26, 2000
>EVENT: International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
>25th Annual IAPSRS Conference
>LOCATION: Crystal City, Virginia
>DESCRIPTION:  Practitioners, consumers, family members and policy makers
>gather to discuss and learn about recovery from serious mental illnesses.
>Rehabilitation, recovery, employment, housing, substance abuse and all the
>other issues facing a person with a serious mental illness will be covered.
>The 5 day conference is expected to draw 2,000 attendees from all over the
>country for 40 in depth Institutes and more than 200 workshops.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: (410) 730-7190 or conference@iapsrs.org.
>DATE: May 22-24, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: Consortia of Administrators for Native American
>Rehabilitation (CANAR), Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Choctaw
>Rehabilitation Services, Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services,
>Region IV RCEP in Atlanta, Georgia, and the American Indian Rehabilitation
>Research and Training Center (AIRRTC)
>EVENT: CANAR Mid-year Conference
>LOCATION: Philadelphia, Mississippi
>DESCRIPTION: Call Choctaw VR Services at (601) 650-7354 or (601) 650-7333
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Call (520) 523-4971, (520) 523-1695 TDD, or e-mail
>Julie.Clay@nau.edu to be added to the mailing list for conference
>registration materials
>DATE:  May 30 - June 3, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The American Association on Mental Retardation
>EVENT: AAMR Annual Convention
>DESCRIPTION: "At The Crossroads: Ethics, Genetics, Leadership and
>LOCATION:   Washington Hilton & Towers-Washington, D.C.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-800-424-3688, pahirt@aamr.org, http://www.aamr.org.
>DATE: June 1-3, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: Association on Higher Education and Disabilities
>(AHEAD) Office of Civil Rights National Association of College and
>University Attorneys
>EVENT: A Team Approach:  Strategies for Identifying and Accommodating
>Students with Psychological Disabilities Workshop
>LOCATION: The Williamsburg Hospitality House, Williamsburg, VA
>DATE: June 3-4, 2000
>EVENT: CDT's "Superfest XX International Media Festival on Disabilities"
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Corporation on Disabilities and
>Telecommunication(CDT) Screening
>LOCATION: Berkeley, California
>DESCRIPTION: Superfest is an annual media festival of works by and/or about
>people with disabilities.  The films/videos are judged by panels of
>community members, including individuals with disabilities. Entry deadline
>is 1/31/2000. In June, the screening of winning selections will take place,
>followed by a "Meet the Filmmakers Reception" and awards ceremony.  Event
>is open to the public, and will be held at a wheelchair accessible venue in
>Berkeley, t.b.a. Nominal screening ticket fee; reception and awards
>ceremony are free.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  510-665-1532; cdtinfo@aol.com
>DATE: June 14-18, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
>EVENT:  Annual Convention
>DESCRIPTION:  "Turning Promise Into Practice"; annual convention for 3,000
>consumers, family members, and treatment professionals
>LOCATION:  Town and Country Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Connie@nami.org
>DATE: June 14-18, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Adaptive Environments Center
>EVENT: Design for the 21st Century: An International Conference on
>Universal Design
>LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island
>DESCRIPTION: The conference will showcase state of the art universal design
>practice in environments, products and information technology.  Interactive
>sessions will be led by
>international design experts who will consider universal design in
>education and the larger context of social justice, sustainable
>development, urban planning and successful business practice.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Valerie Fletcher, (617) 695-1225, ext. 26, (617)
>482-8099 (fax), vfletcher@adaptenv.org,
>DATE: June 20-23, 2000
>EVENT: "In the New Millennium": The 2nd National Conference for Student
>Life Professionals working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Featuring
>the First National Institute for Athletic Directors and Coaches
>DESCRIPTION: Dynamic and innovative presentations that will educate,
>empower, and
>enrich the knowledge and skills of dorm counselors and supervisors,
>educators, coaches and athletic directors, as well as other student service
>personnel in residential and day programs.  In addition to workshops, panel
>presentations, and keynote presentations by the nation's foremost leaders
>in the field, this year's program will feature interactive sports clinics
>and workshops specifically designed for athletic directors and coaches.
>And, back by popular demand and
>expanded -- an in-depth workshop on Ethical and Legal Risk Management.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Krista Leitch Walker, (202) 651-6060 (V/TTY), (202)
>651-6041 (FAX), conference.cce@gallaudet.edu
>DATE:  June 21-24, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Association of Protection and Advocacy
>Systems (NAPAS)
>EVENT: 23rd Annual P&A/CAP Conference
>LOCATION:  Washington, DC
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 202-408-9514, http://www.protectandadvocacy.com
>DATE: June 27-30, 2000
>EVENT: The 4th International Conference on Deaf History: Researching,
>Preserving, and Teaching Deaf People's History
>DESCRIPTION: If you are a researcher, historian, archivist, teacher, or
>someone with
>an interest in Deaf history and cultures from around the world, you will
>want to attend the 4th International Conference on Deaf History.  This
>three day program features a variety of educational opportunities,
>including a pre-conference mini-course, workshops, panel discussions,
>and lectures from prominent and leading professionals in the field.  See
>the world in new ways, and come prepared to explore the rich history of
>Deaf people!
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Audrey Wineglass, (202) 651-6060 (V/TTY), (202)
>651-6041 (FAX), conference.cce@gallaudet.edu
>DATE: June 28 - July 2, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Society for Disability Studies (SDS)
>EVENT: 13th Annual Meeting, "Activism in the Academy"
>LOCATION:  Sheraton City Center in Chicago, IL
>DATE: June 28 - July 2, 2000
>EVENT: RESNA 2000: Technology for the New Millennium
>LOCATION: Omni Rosen Hotel, Orlando, FL
>DESCRIPTION: RESNA 2000 brings together people who use, develop,
>manufacture, and deliver technologies. RESNA 2000 provides an educational
>forum for a diversity of Presentations, including a research symposium
>("Ergonomics: Emerging Technology to Increase Participation in Education,
>Employment, and Independent Living"), instructional courses in Assistive
>Technology, exhibits, a student scientific paper competition, scientific
>and interactive poster sessions, concurrent systems labs, and more.
>Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for attendance at all
>scientific and educational programs.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:703/524-6686 (V); 703/524-6639 (TTY); 703/524-6630
>(FAX); http://www.resna2000.org
>DATE: July 2-5, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  Autism Society of America (ASA)
>EVENT:  The 2000 ASA National Conference on Autism
>LOCATION:  Atlanta, Georgia
>DESCRIPTION:  Largest National Conference on Autism in the U.S. featuring
>prominent speakers.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Tiffany M. Hayes, 800-328-8476; 301-657-0869 (fax),
>pub2asa@smart.net, http://www.autism-society.org
>DATE:  July 2-8, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  National Federation of the Blind
>EVENT: NFB national convention
>LOCATION:  Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
>DESCRIPTION: National meeting of the organized blind movement
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: (410) 659-9314; http://www.nfb.org
>DATE:  July 8-11, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
>Hard of Hearing
>EVENT:  "Sounds of Freedom": AG Bell's 2000 Convention
>LOCATION:  Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
>DESCRIPTION:  Topics to be addressed include:  hearing loss, hearing
>technologies, advocacy, special education, auditory approaches
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  www.agbell.org or call 202-337-5220 (v/tty),
>DATE: July 12, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Chicago Mayor's Office for People with
>EVENT: AccessChicago 2000
>DESCRIPTION: The Midwest's largest annual exposition of products and
>services designed
>for people with disabilities and their families. An all-day event filled
>with family-oriented entertainment and capped off with a big fireworks
>show.  Also, a session at which Mayor Richard M. Daley will head a lineup
>of regional and national leaders in assessing progress in the decade since
>the ADA.
>LOCATION: Navy Pier, Chicago
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Lawrence J. Gorski, MOPD Director, 312-744-7050
>(voice), 312-744-4964 (TTY), http://www.cityofchicago.org
>DATE: July 12-16, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: American Society for Deaf Children
>EVENT: 17th Biennial Convention, "Yours, Mine, Ours: Creating Community
>LOCATION:  Gallaudet University, Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: Get connected, and stay connected! Experience one of the most
>and informative events designed specifically for families with deaf
>children.  The ASDC Biennial Convention provides parents and professionals
>the opportunity to share experiences, obtain new information through
>workshops, keynote presentations, and panel discussions.  Featuring family
>activities and educational and recreational programs for young children and
>teens, this conference will give parents the opportunity to take home a
>wealth of information, make new friends and alliances, and spend quality
>time with their families!
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Krista Leitch Walker, (202) 651-6060 (V/TTY), (202)
>651-6041 (fax), Conference.cce@gallaudet.edu e-mail, www.deafchildren.org
>web site.
>DATE: July 15-19, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Association for Education and Rehabilitation of
>the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)
>EVENT: AER Biennial International Conference, "AERodynamics: Soaring to New
>LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
>For More Information (phone, email, or website): 703-823-9690;
>aer@aerbvi.org, http://www.aerbvi.org
>DATE: July 16-18, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Council for Exceptional Children
>EVENT: Children and Youth Action Network Workshop/Legislative Summit
>DESCRIPTION:  The workshop is catered to special education teachers,
>administrators, parents, and individuals interested in political advocacy.
>LOCATION:  Wyndham Washington DC Hotel
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jacki Bootel,  jackib@ces.sped.org or 703-264-9437
>DATE: July 18-21, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Association for Persons in Supported Employment
>EVENT: Eleventh Annual APSE Conference
>LOCATION: Riviera Hotel and Casinos Las Vegas, NV
>DESCRIPTION: Viva Supported Employment: Your Best Bet for the New
>Millennium. Largest national conference on supported employment for
>providers, customers, family members, Employers, and self-advocates.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: APSE  (804) 278-9187, http://www.apse.org
>DATE:  July 19-23, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The National Fragile X Foundation
>EVENT:  7th International Fragile X Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  Brings together researchers, educators, medical personnel,
>therapists and parents from all around the world to discuss and learn about
>the latest research, educational strategies, therapeutic advances, medical
>treatments and networking.
>LOCATION:  Century Plaza Hotel and Tower- Los Angeles, CA.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-800-688-8765
>DATE:  July 20-23, 2000
>EVENT:  Florida Youth Leadership Forum
>LOCATION: Tallahassee, Florida
>DESCRIPTION: The Youth Leadership Forum involves students with varying
>types of disabilities from throughout Florida. During the forum these
>"delegates" will explore personal leadership and career plans; participate
>in social, artistic, athletic and recreational activities; hear guest
>speakers on topics such as disability rights law, assistive technology,
>career opportunities and resources at all levels; and take a guided tour of
>the Florida Capitol with interaction with members of the press and
>government dignitaries. Speakers and volunteers with disabilities are
>needed to participate in various activities.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kristen Knapp, 888-838-2253 or 850-224-4493 V/TDD,
>kristen@abletrust.org, http://www.abletrust.org.
>DATE:  July 25-30, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Council on Independent Living (NCIL)
>EVENT: Annual Conference
>LOCATION:  Washington, DC
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Natalie Shear 202-833-4456, 1-800-833-1354
>Date: July 29-August 1, 2000
>Sponsoring Organization: Brain Injury Association (BIA)
>Event: BIA's 19th Annual National Symposium-"At the Crossroads: The Future
>of Brain Injury 2000 and Beyond"
>Location: Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL
>Description: Become aware of the cutting-edge research, trends and
>treatments in brain injury directly from the experts impacting the field,
>four tracks: Acute Care, Rehabilitation, Reintegration to Community and
>For More Information: (703) 236-6000, www.biausa.org
>DATE:  August 1-4, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The National Association of Qualified Mental
>Retardation Professionals
>Event: 5th Annual Conference
>DESCRIPTION:  This is an annual gathering of people working in the
>developmental disability field which provides opportunities for networking,
>learning and discussion.  Session topics include both managerial and
>clinical issues.
>LOCATION:  Le Meridien in New Orleans, LA.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Trinity Services (815) 485-6197, http://www.qmrp.org,
>DATE: August 2-6, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS: United States Society for Augmentative and
>Alternative Communication (USSAAC) and International Society for
>Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC)
>EVENT: ISAAC 2000 Biennial Conference "AAC in the New Millennium"
>LOCATION: Washington, DC
>DESCRIPTION: ISAAC 2000 will feature seminars, paper presentations and
>poster sessions emphasizing AAC in the new millennium.  In addition, ISAAC
>2000 will have an exhibit hall full of AAC devices and products.  Delegates
>include AAC users, families, providers, researchers, manufacturers from
>around the world --- anyone interested in the latest developments in AAC.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.isaacconference.org, or contact Beth Mineo
>Mollica at mineo@asel.udel.edu
>DATE: August 4-6, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Down Syndrome Congress
>EVENT: 28th Annual Conference
>DESCRIPTION: Conference for Parents & Professionals on all aspects of Down
>syndrome.  Also a conference for people with Down syndrome and a conference
>for brothers & sisters of people with Down syndrome.
>LOCATION: Hilton Washington & Towers,  Washington, DC (DuPont Circle)
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  National Down Syndrome Congress (800) 232-6372 or
>site at http://www.NDSCcenter.org
>DATE:  August 11-13, 2000
>EVENT: 32nd Annual Meeting
>LOCATION:  Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA
>DESCRIPTION: Conference of interest to people with epilepsy, their
>families, care givers and service providers on psychosocial issues and
>current advances in epilepsy treatment.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  800-332-1000 / http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org
>DATE:  September 12, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Granite State Independent Living
>EVENT: Access Expo of Northern New England 2000
>LOCATION: The Center of New Hampshire, Holiday Inn, Manchester, NH
>DESCRIPTION: A complete showcase of adaptive products, from common everyday
>items to the extraordinary, for people of all ages with disabilities.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-800-826-3700 V/TTY.
>DATE: October 6-8, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: International Portage Association
>EVENT: The 8th International Protage Conference
>LOCATION: Sheraton Birmingham Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama
>DESCRIPTION: Exploring universal elements of early intervention: science,
>policy, and practice
>MORE INFORMATION: David Shearer, 1720 Seventh Avenue South Suite 331,
>Birmingham, AL 35294, 205-934-5461, eshearer@uab.edu
>DATE: October 9-11, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Rehabilitation Services Administration
>EVENT: "9th Annual conference for Native Americans in Rehabilitation"
>LOCATION: Washington State (city not confirmed)
>Contact: Carleen Anderson  (206) 220-7847
>DATE: October 12-14, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Arc of the United States
>EVENT: The Arc of the United States Annual Convention
>LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama
>DESCRIPTION: The Convention includes business meetings as well as workshops
>on current issues that affect people with mental retardation and related
>disabilities and their families.
>For More Information (phone, email, or website): The Arc, 301-565-3842;
>Info@thearc.org; http://www.thearc.org.
>DATE: October 13-15, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)
>EVENT: NORD Annual Conference
>LOCATION: St. Louis, MO
>DESCRIPTION: People with rare disorders, their families, friends, and
>health care professionals, gather together to learn about services and
>benefits for people with disabilities, medical research advancements, and
>coping strategies.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: 800-999-6673; jcampbell@rarediseases.org;
>DATE: October 25, 2000
>EVENT: 7th Annual Job Fair and Conference
>LOCATION: Seattle, WA.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Della Shaffer, (206) 417-6287 (v/tty),
>abletowork@aol.com, www.accessnw.org
>DATE:  November 1-5, 2000
>SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS:  Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA), New
>Mexico Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
>EVENT:  "Expanding Horizons in the Land of Enchantment", annual
>international conference of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults.
>LOCATION:  Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico
>Description of purpose/attendees:  This annual international conference
>provides informative workshops and speakers, socialization, and peer
>support for people who are late-deafened in a setting that is welcoming and
>communicatively accessible to everyone, regardless of their
>communication choices and needs.  ALDAcon 2000 is also of interest to their
>friends and relatives, and professionals who provide services for them.
>FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Judith Viera, jviera@wynd.com, http://www.alda.org
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