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Date: Wed, Jun 30 1999

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conference was already on the list. Updated the conference to include
information concerning the workshop.

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Thank you for asking about usage of the list.

It looks like an interesting event. Please send a much shorter remark, with
a link for more detailed information, if you are sending this to the WAI
Interest Group list.

In the meantime, I am forwarding your detailed message to, as described in a message to the WAI Interest Group
mailing list so the
information can be included in the events calendar.



At 11:35 AM 6/21/99 +0000, Anne de Baenst wrote:
>I am following the WAI Interest Group discussions with great interest being
>myself involved in a project in Belgium concerned with the diffusion of
>guidelines for accessibility. My colleague Monique Noirhomme which is
>Vice-Chair of the IFIP WG 13.3 on "Human Computer Interaction and
>is organizing a worshop at the INTERACT'99 on accessibility. I suppose that
>that this could concern the mailing list. May I ask you if I can send the
>call for participation "as it" to the complete list or if I have to use a
>link with shorter remark.
>Thanks in advance,
>Anne de Baenst
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>Please forward to your colleagues and friends...
>Call for Participation for IFIP TC 13 WG 13.3 Workshop
>TITLE: "Making designers aware of existing guidelines for accessibility"
>  Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture,   Vice-chair IFIP WG13.3
>  Julio Gonzalez-Abascal,       Member     IFIP WG13.3
>  Colette Nicolle,              Secretary  IFIP WG13.3
>  Geoff Busby,                  Chairman IFIP WG13.3 and BCS delegate
>Supported by IFIP WG13.3 "Human Computer Interaction and Disabilities"
>(with the participation of the BCSHCI and BCSdg)
>DATE: Tuesday, August 31, 1999; 9:00-17:00
>Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS (room 4) (in
>conjunction with INTERACT'99
>Pound Sterling 40 (incl. VAT, coffee and tea breaks plus lunch)
>In order to make New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC)
>accessible by people with disabilities, it is absolutely necessary to raise
>the awareness of the designers and developers. This workshop will focus on
>the ways to achieve this goal. For the moment, there exist relevant
>guidelines dedicated to software and hardware designers. But, do the
>designers read them? Often, these guidelines represent large documents
>readable by disability specialists. Is this the best way to proceed? What
>do the designers think about regulations (e.g. the Americans with
>Disabilities Act in the U.S., the Disability Discrimination Act in the
>U.K., and the European Commissions 1996 White Paper - Equal Opportunities
>and Non-Discrimination for people with disabilities)? How can designers
>ensure that they know the way to implement these regulations? What do
>designers think about guidelines accessible on the Web and about the use of
>awareness campaigns? On the assumption that guidelines are known by the
>designers, how do they use them and what are their habits? These are some
>of the questions that will be discussed by the participants.
>This workshop is intended for anybody concerned about the design of
>interfaces "also accessible by people with disabilities" interested in
>sharing their practice and their views, i.e. the ergonomists and the
>interface specialists but also the designers and the developers. This in
>fact ought to include all of them, given legislation that now exists which
>could (and should) have far-reaching implications for the future.
>A one day session with two coffee breaks and a break for a lunch.
>In the morning, participants will be invited to present their ideas through
>talks initiated by position papers. Then, in the afternoon, a common debate
>within the group will take place and a final synthesis (including the
>writing of the informal poster requested by the conference) will be made to
>end the workshop.
>The workshop will focus on the following questions:
>- Are the designers and developers aware of existing sets of guidelines for
>the design of accessible interfaces and do they use them?
>- Is there best means to make them aware of guidelines?
>- What is their practice using guidelines?
>- What are the possibilities to present the guidelines and is there a best
>way to do it?
>- What do the designers think about regulations?
>It is planned to publish the results of the workshop including position
>papers, discussions and recommendations on the Web, probably with WG13.3.
>The conclusions of the workshop will also be used to direct next activities
>of WG 13.3 (pamphlet, Web site, workshop...).
>The participants who wants to give a talk during the morning session are
>invited to submit prior to the workshop a position abstract (1-3 pages)
>that includes a description of their current experiences in relation with
>the workshop topics. Submission should be send on electronic version to [
> ].
>Other participants are invited to ask for their participation by e-mail at
>the same address.
>In both cases, deadline is JULY 8, 1999.
>Registration has to be done at the INTERACT'99 conference secretary [
> ].
>Normally, the participants are expected to register for the main
>conference. On special request by e-mail to one of the chairs, it should be
>possible to accommodate participation only at the workshop.
>Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture
>Institut d'Informatique
>University of Namur
>rue Grandgagnage 21
>B-5000 NAMUR (Belgium)
>Email :
>Julio Gonzalez-Abascal:
>Colette Nicolle:
>Limited funds are available to provide some support for a few HCI
>scientists from Developing Countries in Asia, India, South America or
>Africa to attend INTERACT'99. Applications will be received until the
>closing date 2nd July, and should be sent to
>Dr. Fabio Paterno, CNUCE-C.N.R., Via S.Maria 36, 56126 Pisa, Italy
>Tel: +39 050 593 289
>Fax: +39 050 904 052
>Further information and conditions for applying are available from the
>conference Web site or from Dr. Paterno.
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