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>January 25-26, 2000
>National Institute of Standards and Technology
>Gaithersburg, Maryland
>For more information and for online registration for this conference,
>please see our website at
>"Pervasive Computing" is the strongly emerging trend toward:
>     Numerous, casually accessible, often invisible computing devices
>     Mobile or embedded in the environment
>     Connected to an increasingly ubiquitous network structure
>Failing to see and act upon this trend may be very costly to U. S.
>Information Technology companies; just as it was for mainframe companies
>ignore the emergence of personal computers; and for the PC companies to
>ignore the infant World Wide Web.
>The innovative firms which establish a critical mass relatively early in
>the generation life cycle are usually the ones with superior returns on
>For computer users, the underlying premise is compelling: simplicity of
>use, ubiquitous access, minimal technical expertise, reliability and
>intuitive interaction methods. Through intelligent use of technologies,
>Pervasive Computing presents an unusual opportunity to better serve
>TOPICS: Human-computer interaction, pico-cellular wireless, multimedia
>information access, service discovery, human-centered integration and
>interoperability, programming pervasive computing applications, and
>innovative pervasive computing devices
>Keynote Adress: 
>Bill Joy
>Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
>Sun  Microsystems, Inc.
>Janet  M. Baker, Ph.D.
>Dragon Systems, Inc.
>Michael Bianchi
>Foveal Systems, Inc.
>Dr. Chatschik Bisdikian
>Research Staff Member
>T. J. Watson Research Center
>IBM Corp.
>Greg Bollella, Ph.D.
>IBM Senior Architect, Real-Time Java Expert Group
>Network Computing Software Division
>IBM Corp.
>Jim Keane
>Senior Vice President: Corporate Strategy, Research and Development
>Steelcase Corp.
>Frederick L. Kitson, Ph.D.
>Director, Clients & Media Systems Lab
>HP Labs
>or Mark T. Smith, Ph.D.
>Manager, Appliance & Media Systems Department
>HP Labs
>Hewlett-Packard Co.
>Dr. Toby Lehman
>Almaden Laboratory
>IBM Corp.
>Dr. Peter A. Lucas
>President, C.E.O.
>MAYA Design Group, Inc.
>Ben Manny
>Intel Corp. 
>Dr. William (Bill) Mark
>Vice President, Information and Computing Sciences
>SRI International
>Dr. Victor McCrary
>Technical Manager - Information Storage and Interconnect Systems
>David Nahamoo
>Director, Human Language Technologies Group
>T. J. Watson Research Center
>IBM Corp.
>Edward G. Newman
>President, C.E.O.	
>Xybernaut Corp.
>Ward Page
>Robert Pascoe
>Salutation Consortium, Inc.
>Alex  (Sandy)  Pentland
>Academic Head, M.I.T. Media Laboratory
>Co-Director, Center for Future Health, University of Rochester
>Ivan Perez-Mendez, Ph.D.
>President, C.E.O.
>Syvox Corporation
>Carl Sassenrath
>C.E.O., Founder
>REBOL Technologies
>Jim Waldo
>Distinguished Engineer, Jini Architect
>Sun Microsystems, Inc.
>Dr. Lynn Wilcox
>Manager, Smart Media Spaces,
>Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Laboratory
>John Wroclawski
>Research Scientist
>M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science
>http://www.nist.gov/pc2000 or contact Bill Young at wtyoung@nist.gov,
>Patricia Flanagan
>Bldg. 225, Room B254
>Stop 8940
>Gaithersburg, MD 20899
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