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Training Suite -- Workshop Outline

From: Jennifer Sutton <jsuttondc@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 08:13:19 -0700
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To: wai-eo-editors@w3.org

Here is my last set of comments related to the Training Suite.


[Draft] Web Accessibility Workshop Outline

Version: Draft in progress, 3 May 2010 [

1.  a 3-day hands-on workshop

I think it should be "three-day"
throughout the document.

I think words should be used when numbers are less than ten.

If editor(s) agree, it might be a good idea to search for 3 throughout.

And the same could go for 1 and 2.

Maybe not "Day 1" "Day 2," or "Day 3," but I think when it's a 
compound adjective (three-day) it should be the word three.

It really depends on how formal this document is intended to be.

2. Should it be "implementing?"
Utilize WCAG 2.0 and its supporting documents as a guide to implement 

3. Session 5 - Workshop review and lessons learnt

Should it be "learned?"  I suppose it depends on how American-centric 
WAI wants to be.

If it's changed, it appears at least one other time.

4. Maybe replace "relevant" with another word one of the times it's here:
Discuss any relevant [JS: applicable?]
[link] legislation or other policies
  relevant to the organization

5.  Delete one of the "the"s:

Discuss the the development of a web accessibility

6. [link] BAD reports

I think if this link is read out of context, it could be 
misleading/confusing.  Maybe "Reports from the Before and After 
Demo," or the like.  My suggestion is long, though.

7.  Should be "rewriting"
re-writing material to make it more readable and understandable

8.  Might want to modify link words to improve flow:
Discuss ways of providing access to
[link] access to data and longer descriptions

Just del the words "access to" above the link?

9.  Maybe change "around" to "related to" or "with respect to"
Discuss the issues around

10.  Know the accessibility requirements for multimedia media

Is the second "media" needed?

11. Should it be "solutions," or is there only one?
Discuss the issues and solution for
[link] live audio

12. Should be "a"

Discuss and selection of

13. Again, it depends on how American-centric WAI wants to be, but 
maybe this should be "gotten"
Ensure participants have got the key messages from the workshop

14. In:
Reiterate the value of using "How to Meet WCAG 2.0" as a gateway to WCAG 2.0

perhaps make:
"How to Meet WCAG 2.0"
into a link?

15. Get participants to "write down something you learned in the last 
2 days that you
will incorporate in your work right away, or something that surprised 
you, or the
most interesting thing you learned" and then share it with the group

Maybe change to:

Ask participants to "write down something they learned in the last 2 
days that they will incorporate in their work immediately, something 
that surprised them, or the most interesting thing they learned; then 
share it with the group

My point is that I don't think "you" has been used elsewhere, so I 
found this switch a bit surprising.

16. May be a more positive way to frame "line of defense?"

this is an initial workshop and a follow up may be appropriate for 
content authors
as a quality assurance 'line of defence', working more with their 
content management
system (CMS) or authoring tool on accessibility checking, and 
reinforcing their role
in developing and publishing accessible content.
17. Would it be a good idea to write out the words for "SEO," or will 
this audience be familar?
benefits for
, etc

18. It depends on how formal this document is intended to be, but I 
wonder about using the & in places like this:

Finish days 1 & 2 with a brief 5 minute summary, and start days 2 & 3 
with a brief
summary of the previous day
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