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From: Liam Quinn <liam@htmlhelp.com>
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 20:15:21 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ui@w3.org
Browser User Interface Accessibility Check List

1=highest, 2=middle, 3=lowest priority, ADD=Item to add, ?=I do not have
enough information or understanding to make a recommendation, LQ:=my comments 

Presentation Adjustability

1 Author CSS disable 
1 Author color disable 
1 Author font disable 
1 Author background disable
1 User CSS override 
1 User foreground/background color override 
1 User font style and size override

LQ: I'm also confused about the intended difference between the "Author
disable" and "User override" items.

ADD 1 Ability to select from a list of alternate author or user style sheets

1 Display only ALT text for images (complete ALT text) 
2 Display TITLES for anchors that are images
1 Display LONGDESC descriptions on user command 

1 Display view option for headers only 
1 Display view option for headers and anchors only 
2 Display view option based on users preferences of selected elements 
1 Maintain relative focus positions between views 

? Suspend Dynamic HTML events 
LQ: Is this the same as "Disable client-side scripting"?

Orientation Information

1 Document TITLE in title line 
3 Document summary information on status line on document load 
2 Document summary information on status line on user command

LQ: I'm a bit hesitant on the previous two items due to the insistence that
"status line" be used.  Other mechanisms, such as a floating window in
graphical browsers, may be easier given space restrictions.
2 Selected document summary information in menu items (see visibility
3 Element identification on status line on focus/mouse over (see next
section for psuedo focus) 

Navigation Commands

Link (Anchor)

1 Move to previous link 
1 Move to next link 
1 Move to link from list 
1 Select link 


1 Move to previous header 
1 Move to next header 
1 Move to header from list 

List Items

1 Move to previous list item 
1 Move to next list item 
2 Move to list item from list 


1 Move to previous control 
1 Move to next control 
1 Move to control from list 
1 Change state of control (control dependent) 


3 Move to previous table 
3 Move to next table 
3 Move to table from list 

LQ: I don't see why tables deserve more attention than other elements for
the previous three items.  For example, one could also have "Move to
previous definition list" etc.  While these may be handy features, I
wouldn't consider them to be a priority except with links, headers, list
items, form controls, and frames.

1 Move to next column 
1 Move to next row 
2 Present table row header on status line 
2 Present table column header on status line

LQ: I like the previous two ideas, but again I'm hesitant about the use of
"status line".  We don't want to restrict the use of other methods of
presenting row and column header information.  (Or is this kind of
uniformity desired?)

2 Find in table

LQ: Find in column, Find in paragraph, Find in list, etc. would also be


1 Move focus to next frame 
1 Move focus to previous frame 

DHTML Events

? Suspend 
2 Move to previous element with DHTML event 
2 Move to next element with DHTML event 
1 Activate event 

LQ: I'm not sure how DHTML events are different from normal client-side
scripting events.

Visibility of Accessibility Information

1 Display keyboard equivalents on associated menu items 
1 Display navigation commands in menus 
2 Description of navigation command and selection options in on-line
2 Description of presentation options in on-line documentation 
2 Description of orientation information options in on-line documentation 
1 Compatibility with 3rd Party Assistive Technology
1 Use Active Accessibility in Windows 95/NT Code 
1 Use SUNSoft Java Accessibility API in Java Code 
2 Use of Standard OS Controls/Menus/Dialog boxes 

Liam Quinn
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