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Re: checklist

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@staff.uiuc.edu>
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 15:54:09 -0600
Message-Id: <>
To: James Allan <allan_jm@tsb1.tsbvi.edu>, w3c-wai-ui@w3.org
Jim, Thanks for the ratings and question.
I think we only need override.  Disable should be part of the override
process.  This could be tricky with style sheets because if may be
interpreted as being part of a cascading order with the authors style sheets.

At 05:16 PM 3/5/98 -0600, James Allan wrote:
>Browser User Interface Accessibility Check List
>1=highest, 2=middle, 3 lowest priority, ADD=Item to add, ?=I do not have
>enough information or understanding to make a recommendation, JA:=my
>Presentation Adjustability
>JA: I am not sure of the distinction between disable and Override. For
>example, in IE or Navigator when a user says use "my colors" is that
>overriding the authors colors or disabling the authors colors. Or does
>Override include disable?
>? Author CSS disable 
>? Author color disable 
>? Author font disable 
>? Author background disable 
>1 User CCS override 
>1 User foreground/background color override 
>1 User font style and size override 
>1 Display only ALT text for images (complete ALT text) 
>1 Display TITLES for anchors that are images 
>ADD Display ALT text and Titles for anchors that are images
>ADD Display text within OBJECT tag
>1 Display LONGDESC discriptions on user command 
>3 Display view option for headers only 
>3 Display view option for headers and anchors only 
>1 Display view option based on users preferences of selected elements 
>1 Maintain relative focus positions between views 
>? Suspend Dynamic HTML events 
>Orientation Information
>1 Document TITLE in title line 
>2 Document summary information on status line on document load 
>1 Document summary information on status line on user command 
>1 Selected document summary information in menu items (see visibility
>JA: this should also be included in Navigation section
>2 Element identification on status line on focus/mouse over (see next
>section for psuedo focus) 
>Navigation Commands
>Text highlight, an insert cursor or other indicator usable by assistive
>technology is needed as a psuedo focus for 3rd party assistive technology
>for navigation of HTML elements.  The psuedo focus is needed for most of
>the following navigation commnands to benefit users with disabilities. 
>The following is an initial list of navigation commands.  The commands
>should be available from the keyboard, menus and possibly in a user defined
>set of toolbar commands. 
>List of Important Navigation Commands
>Link (Anchor)
>1 Move to previous link
>1 Move to next link
>1 Move to link from list 
>ADD Move to link from menu
>ADD Move to link from command line (see Scott L. message about Lynx and
>1 Select link
>1 Move to previous header
>1 Move to next header
>1 Move to header from list
>ADD Move to header from menu 
>List Items
>1 Move to previous list item
>1 Move to next list item
>? Move to list item from list JA: what is the purpose of this
>ADD Move to beginning of Form  JA: this would be very useful for search
>1 Move to previous control
>1 Move to next control
>2 Move to control from list
>1 Change state of control (control dependent)
>2 Move to previous table
>2 Move to next table
>2 Move to table from list
>1 Move to next column
>1 Move to next row
>Present table row header on status line
>Present table column header on status line
>ADD Present table row and column header for individual cell on status line
>1 Find in table
>1 Move focus to next frame
>1 Move focus to previous frame
>ADD Move focus to frame from a list 
>DHTML Events
>? Suspend
>? Move to previous element with DTHML event
>? Move to next element with DTHML event
>? Activate event
>Visibility of Accessibility Information
>1 Display keyboard equivalents on associated menu items 
>1 Display navigation commands in menus 
>(For example have a main menu item labled nn Headers, where nn is the
>number of headers in
>the current document. The sub menu items would include Next Header,
>Previous Header, List of
>All Headers, and a Dynamic List of the first 10 headers.) 
>1 Discription of navigation command and selection options in on-line
>1 Discription of presentation options in on-line documentation 
>1 Discription of orientation information options in on-line documentation 
>? Compatibility with 3rd Party Assistive Technology 
>JA: I am not sure how this would work. There are many 3rd party assitive
>tech addon. Would each browser be required to test with all tools
>available? Or, should browser manufactures publish or codevelop or use some
>other mechanism to ensure that 3rd party developers have a standard way to
>access the information. 
>? Use Active Accessibility in Windows 95/NT Code 
>? Use SUNSoft Java Accessibility API in Java Code 
>1 Use of Standard OS Controls/Menus/Dialog boxes 
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