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Minutes: User Agent telecon 22 Oct 2015

From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 13:53:47 -0500
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User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference 22 Oct 2015

See also: IRC log <http://www.w3.org/2015/10/22-ua-irc>
PresentJim, Greg, Eric, Judy, KimRegretsChairJimScribejim

   - Topics <http://www.w3.org/2015/10/22-ua-minutes.html#agenda>
      1. Charter closes Nov 5
      2. 3.1.4 Spell Check:
      3. 3.1.5 Back Button:
      4. 3.1.6 Form Submission Confirm:
      5. 3.1.7 Form Auto-Fill:
      6. 3.1.8 Save Form Entries:
      7. 3.2.1 Accessible Documentation:
   - Summary of Action Items


<trackbot> Date: 22 October 2015


<scribe> scribe: jim

discussing usecases, low vision task force, catching up with Eric

take up item 1
Charter closes Nov 5

jb: 2 groups on same schedule UAWG and AUWG

implementation examples:


only 22 SC left to check for possible implementations

jb: want to preserve work. could extend charter to finish the search for
possible implementations
... no team contact, may delay the shut down.

ja: about to mine UAAG for LFTF usecases

jb: wants to review the table

statement at top of table:

This is a working document from the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
Working Group (UAWG) produced in anticipation of Candidate Recommendation
which provides informal evaluation of user agents and their implementation
of the UAAG 2.0 success criteria. The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
(UAAG) 2.0 is not complete and is still subject to change. Any information
in this document is a...

scribe: preliminary opinion and should not be considered as a statement of

If the block is blank, it means that UAWG has not yet discussed it.

<Judy> JB: reading the above, yes you'd need to change it, because it looks
like you still plan to be on Rec track. e.g anticipate CR, no not really.
more like "which we had started to compile in anticipation of CR, but are
recording here to indicate the potential extent of implementations in this
area. For ___% of features, we found at least 2 implementations. When we
did initial testing of ___% of those features, __% of those behaved as

<Judy> JB: that language would need to be cleaned up, but could give it a

take up item 2

users need a good default or they have a tower of babel wrt html elements -
pc version of polyfill=hackery

3.1.4 Spell Check:

Firefox, Chrome, IE,

gl: safari


ja: FF checks spelling in 'area' but not in type="text"

gl: safari has spell check and auto correct.

<Greg> Safari on OS X has both spell-checking and auto-correct, in both
multi-line and single-line input fields.

gl: should folks be able to turn off auto correct. because text would
change behind them

<Greg> We probably don't have an SC saying that the user is able to turn
off auto-correct, but we should.

ja: need a use case for autocorrect turn off

<Greg> A use case is a blind user who types a name and doesn't know that
the browser changes it after they move on.

browser should be able to turn off, and override the OS
3.1.5 Back Button:

all browsers have a back button!
3.1.6 Form Submission Confirm:

ja: don't know of setting to turn off auto submit of form on Enter

many ways to do this with javascript, so should be possible to have a
browser control or extension.

could find no settings or extensions.
3.1.7 Form Auto-Fill:

Chrome and FF have this


<Greg> I don't know of a built-in way to get it to fill in the field; it
always make you manually invoke a drop-down list and choose from that.
That's better than nothing, and reducing typing, but still requires a lot
of actions, especially when talking about full contact information.

chrome - In the upper right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome
menu Chrome menu.

Click Settings > Show advanced settings.

Under "Passwords and forms," uncheck Enable Autofill to fill out web forms
in a single click. To turn Autofill back on, simply check the box again.


<Greg> It would be nice if the browser provided the option to truly
autofill an entire form, rather than just remembering the values, although
this should probably be off by default. Ideally the user could then use a
command to auto-fill with a different SET of values (e.g. home vs. work
contact info).

chrome will ask do you want to use info associated with work email, or home
email and use the postal addresses and phone number associated with the
email address
3.1.8 Save Form Entries:

NOT chrome, FF, Safari, IE

kp: nothing on mobile

there are extensions

Lazarus: form recovery works in FF and Chrome
3.2.1 Accessible Documentation:

all desktop browsers

<Greg> Mozilla Firefox help is HTML, but alt="" on all images.

but has text that is a link that is meaningful

<Greg> Jim suggests that an IMG doesn't need alt or title if it's in a
containing element that also includes text (e.g. a link, or an H1), but I
don't think that would be good enough, especially if the containing element
is something such as P that often contains a lot of diverse content,
including multiple images.

it appears the help across browsers is accessible.

Puffin (mobile) as accessible help
Summary of Action Items [End of minutes]

Jim Allan, Accessibility Coordinator
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