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KFord Has Permanent Regrets Going Forward - Resigning as co-chair and from the group

From: Kelly Ford <Kelly.Ford@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 20:50:55 +0000
To: "'UAWG list' (w3c-wai-ua@w3.org)" <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
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I feel incredibly bad about delivering this via email versus at least by voice but just schedules being what they are attending our meeting this week isn't possible for me and I needed to share this as soon as it was practical.

It is no secret that my attendance lately has not been what I'd like it to be and my abilities to serve as a functioning co-chair have been less than ideal.  I am resigning from my role as co-chair and from our group effective with this email.  This is something I've been discussing with Jim and Jeanne for a bit.

It is impossible for me to express how much I have enjoyed working with everyone in the group.  Both professionally and personally, our efforts and times together have been some of the most rewarding experiences I've had of anything I've done in or out of the accessibility arena.  I've learned so much from everyone in the group and gained so much information about thinking on accessibility.  And the personal connections are ones I will treasure and hope we can keep going forward.

My interest in the topic of accessibility or the web is not any less because of this resignation.  It is just that the current direction of my work has moved me far enough away from user agent development and placed other responsibilities on my time, such that continuing in name only as a co-chair isn't responsible to the group.

I sincerely hope that I get the opportunity to work with all of you at another point and will be keeping a watch for ways that my work can intersect with the Web Accessibility Initiative going forward.

I look forward to UAAG taking the next steps in the document process.  There is an incredible amount of goodness in our documents that reflects some great thinking on accessibility.

Thanks to each of you for the opportunity to work and learn together--from those who are active in the group now and who have been in the past.  The shared journey has been delightful.

With deep respect and fondness for our shared experiences,

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