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From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 22:02:56 -0600
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Yesterday during the meeting we found two implementations for 1.8.10 IE and
QQ. Both use the same rendering/UI engine...IE. Judy wondered if that was
really 2 implementations. I queried several folks about this issue.
Ultimately, it is the working group that defines the implementation rules,
but we will have to defend them to the director. The consensus was that we
ought to have implementations from at least 2 different rendering engines
for each SC. Additionally, I checked around with people who know
engines...and mobile engines are substantially the same as the desktop
engines. I think we need to have a discussion about this topic, and
determine our rules for determining valid implementations.
I propose that for each SC we have implementations from 2 different
rendering engines. If we find more (other engine or mobile version) so much
the better. I think this would work for SCs pertaining to content. I am
checking on the the User Interface of the browsers. Are the user interface
of browsers with the same rendering engine different code bases or just
skins? How do we find out? If the user interface code is unique to the
browser then I think we could have 2 different implementations from
different browser with the same rendering engine. But, only for SCs
pertaining to UI components (e.g. preference settings).

Rendering Engines
IE - Trident
Presto (opera) - in maintenance mode but still out there.

also, found UC Browser (400 million mobile users) java only mobile browser
on all platforms (except Apple), based on webkit.
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