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Some random thoughts

From: Greg Lowney <gcl-0039@access-research.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 23:38:53 -0800
Message-ID: <525F940D.6020500@access-research.org>
To: WAI-UA list <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Hi! Here are a few random comments on the document.

1. UAAG20 does not seem to address opacity/transparency. It may be that another SC ensures the user can hide images, but transparency can still cause problems as translucent text is more difficult to read (particularly for people with impaired vision), and when other text or areas of color bleed through a non-opaque element that underlies text or controls. Is this something we should address in 1.4?

2. Related Resources for Success Criterion 1.1.3 (Replace Non-Text Content) says "1.1.4 Configure Alternative Defaults allows the user to hide foreground images by replacing them with alternative content, but 2.11.1 extends this to background images in languages such as HTML that do not support alternative content for background images." This is incorrect: at this time 2.11.1 is about time-based media, so it does not address background images at all.

3. Also about 1.1.3, the "Lee" example says "She sets a preference that *hides all background images* and transparency effects that the author may have written into a web page or application." However, this doesn't entirely match the SC, which requires that the background image be replaced by a placeholder rather than completely hidden.

4. 1.1.1 (Render Alternative Content) is ambiguous as to whether it's about "an element", or "an element type", or both. The SC says "a content element", but the first example is about applying a command to a single element, while the second example is about adjusting how all elements of a certain type are rendered. This should be clarified, one way or the other.

5. The Note under 1.1.1 (Render Alternative Content) would be at least as appropriate under 1.1.3 (Replace Non-Text Content), if not more so. (That is because 1.1.3 is explicitly about performing an action on a particular element, while 1.1.1 is arguably about applying global commands that affect all elements of a given type.)

6. I *think* there's a slight grammatical error in the Note for 1.4.4. It reads "Note: The user must be able to print content as it is rendered on screen, reflecting user scaling, highlighting, and other modifications, but reflowable content is reflowed for the print margins." but "is" in the last clause doesn't seem to match the tense of the first clause, so perhaps it should change to "but with reflowable content reflowed for the print margins".

7. 1.8.7 (Reflow Text), the Note could be misinterpreted as saying it applies only to rescaled or zoomed text, so it might be clearer as "Reflow applies even to rescaled or zoomed text", or "Reflow applies even when text is rescaled or zoomed."

8. Similarly, 1.8.7 (Reflow Text) Note 2 also could be taken as adding a requirement rather than replacing one. It might be less ambiguous if changed to something like "For vertical layout languages, text should fit within the height of the viewport, rather than its width, to reduce vertical scrolling." (Also taking out the incorrect second period.)

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