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From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 11:02:43 -0500
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5.1.2 OCAD 48
this seems a comment requiring no action.

agree that it is central to everything.

perhaps make it 5.1.1

?? how are 4.1.1 different from 5.1.3
4.1.1 Platform Accessibility Services:

The user agent supports relevant platform

accessibility services. (Level A)
5.1.3 Implement Accessibility Features of

platform: If the user agent contains

non-web-based user interfaces, then those

user interfaces follow user interface

accessibility guidelines for the

platform. (Level A)

4.1.6 OCAD46
proposal not accepted. 416 items are

related to onscreen text.
412 are related to user interface

components that have a name, role, state.

4.1.5 OCAD45
This is unrelated to ARIA. it is only to

allow AT to write to the interface the

same way a user can when using a mouse or


3.4.1 OCAD43 This seems like the superset

(and so the possible replacement) of

1.8.9 and 2.1.4.

agree that 3.4.1 is the more general case

that includes 1.8.9 (189 should be

removed) and is only about focus changes.

except 189 allows configurationa??

 2.1.4 is about change in state of

selection for radio buttons and

checkboxes when an item receives focus.

this is different than moving focus in an

unpredictable manner. 2.1.4 should remain

as is.

2.11.8 OCAD39
2.11.8 is covered by 1.1.1 and is an

implementation detail. remove 2.11.8
add example to 1.1.1
Betty, has an auditory processing

problem. she is watching a movie that has

several caption and audio tracks . She

pulls up a menu to determine which is

available she switches between audio

tracks until she find one she can

understand. She also reinforces the audio

by selecting a caption track.

2.10.1 & 2.10.2 OCAD34 & OCAD35
three flash threshold in UI and content.
Agree that detecting flashes in content

will be very difficult. <blink> is an

edge case.

remove 2.10.1 and promote 2.10.2 to A (UI

should not be doing this anyway, no

browser does this so easy check), and

change wording of 2.10.2 to :
2.10.2 Three Flashes: In its default

configuration, the user agent does not

display any user interface componentsthat

flashes more than three times in any

one-second period (regardless of whether

not the flash is below the general flash

and red flash thresholds). (Level A)

[removed 'or recognized content' and

changed level from AAA to A]

or keep 2.10.2 at AAA but still change

wording. and keep 2.10.1 but change

wording to
2.10.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold:
In its default configuration, the user

agent does not display any user interface

components that flashes more than three

times in any one-second period, unless

the flash is below general flash and red

flash thresholds. (Level A) [removed "or

recognized content"]

OCAD33 2.9.2 time independent, wrong

Agree, this is not about time

independence. the download monitor is

informing the user of what is happening.

seems better in Understandable (GL4).

Every browser does this. informing the

user about downloading status is basic

usability; as long as the download

monitor is programatically accessible and

its messaging is accessible as per our

other guidelines. Proposal Delete it.

OCAD31 2.8.1
proposal. leave it. it was many SC, they

were combined because they all

interrelated and built upon each other.

Proposal: reword
2.6.1 Access to input methods: The user

can have presented any  recognized input

methods explicitly associated with an

element, and activate those methods in a

modality independent manner.

OCAD26 "sets"
this is level AAA,  I know of no UA that

does this. Suspect it will be eliminated

because of lack of implementation.
Proposal: reword (make it singular)
2.5.3 Configure Elements for Structural

Navigation: The user can configure a set

of important elements (including element

types) for structured navigation and

hierarchical/outline view.

OCAD25 1.10.1
proposal: remove reference for 2.5.1 in

Related resources.

OCAD24    1.10.2
very close to 2.5.1
Proposal: remove 1.10.2

OCAD22 2.3.5 customize keyboard command
proposal: eliminate last sentence

(covered by 2.7.1). remove the sentence

related to key-plus-modifier. That is

covered by overriding accesskey which is

a key plus modifier.

New 2.3.5 Customize Keyboard Commands:

The user can override any keyboard

shortcut including recognized author

supplied shortcuts (e.g. accesskey) and

user agent user interface controls,

except for conventional bindings for the

operating environment (e.g. arrow keys

for navigating within menus).

OCAD16 ERROR should be with 2.1.4
proposal: reword to parallel other SC.

remove word 'author' [next to last word]
     2.1.4 Separate Selection from

Activation: The user can specify that

focus and selection can be moved without

causing further changes in focus,

selection, or the state of controls, by

either the user agent or content.

OCAD15 2.1.2
proposal: leave as is. 2.1.2 covers

having a keyboard focus. 1.8.1 is about

the highlighting the viewport that

happens to contain the active keyboard

focus. 1.8.8 is about the history

mechanism for viewports and keyboard

focus. While they are related, the SC

cover separate aspects of viewport and

keyboard focus accessibility.

OCAD12 1.8.8 haven't we done this


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