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Guideline 1.7 - Enable Configuration of Style Profiles [Implementing 1.7]

Summary: The user agent shall support user style profiles 1.7.1, and
the user can choose use or not use  author-supplied style profiles
(1.7.1). Moreover, user-supplied style profiles and author supplied
style profiles can be turned on or off at any time within a session
with a user agent. .
New definitions

Style Profile
    An identified collection of style rules is a style profile.
Style Rule
    A style rule is an assignment of presentation properties to a
group of content that can be assigned presentation properties.
    These groupings of content that occur in style rules be defined in
three ways:
    Language: The content definition language identifies groupings of
content as part of a document's semantic structure to support generic
separation of content from presentation, e.g. headings, lists,
paragraphs etc.
    Author: The author defines groupings of content to assign
presentation properties that enhance the meaning of the document, e.g.
content classes, spans and divisions etc.
    User: The user defines groupings of content to assign presentation
properties to meet adaptation needs.

1.7.1 User Supplied Style Profiles

User agents that support a mechanism for authors to supply style
profiles shall also provide an equally effective mechanism for users
to supply profiles.(Level A)
1.7.2 Author Supplied Style Profiles

The user can turn author style sheets on or off the for any page.: (Level A)
1.7.3 User Supplied Style Profiles:

The user has the option to change from author to user to no style
profiles as many times as necessary within a session with a user
agene: (Level AA) (Supported by IE and Safari)
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