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5.1.5 mathml example in IER (Action-653)

From: Hakkinen, Mark T <mhakkinen@ets.org>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 09:04:32 -0700
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5.1.5 Alternative content handlers: The user can select content elements and have them rendered in alternative viewers. (Level AA)

Intent of Success Criterion 5.1.5:

When accessing media or specialized content (e.g. MathML) on the Web, users with
disabilities sometimes find they have a richer or more accessible experience
using a third-party application, plug-in, or extension, than using the browser's
built-in facilities. In these cases they want to be able to navigate to content
in their browser and then enable or activate a browser plug-in or extension to
interact with the content.  Alternately, they may elect to save that content to
their disk and launch it in a third- party application.

Examples of Success Criterion 5.1.5 :

A browser supports the VIDEO element and adds its own play and pause controls, but
George prefers to view the video content in a third-party application that
provides much more sophisticated navigation controls such as bookmarks, skip-
forward and backwards, and the ability to speed playback without increasing
pitch of the audio track. In the browser, he right-clicks on the video to
display a context menu, and from that chooses "Open in...", and then chooses his
preferred video player. The browser launches the player to show that video file
in the browser's cache folder. The browser saves the video to a temporary
location on the user's disks (or uses one already in its cache folder), then
launches the player to show that file. In the case of streaming video that
cannot be saved to disk, the browser launches the external viewer, passing it
the URL to the online video.

Jukka is visually impaired and a scientist whose work involves mathematical
models for speech recognition.  Many of the journals he reads online are
beginning to include MathML to display equations.  Jukka finds the native
support for MathML accessibility in his Web browser to be generally compatible
with his screen reader, but it can become unreliable for extremely complex
equations. In those cases, Jukka selects an alternate rendering plugin via a
context menu to make the MathML understandable to his screen reader.
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