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RE: UAAG v2 Draft - Review

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocad.ca>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 10:51:57 -0400
To: UAWG list <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Message-ID: <F2C77FB59A1A4840A01EF5F59B1826E20A4EA339F5@ocadmail.ocad.ca>
Hi all,

Reviewing the editors draft at: 

Overall I approve of publishing as a public working draft under these conditions:
1. we correct the editorial items
2. we fix blatant duplicates
3. we indicate potential duplicates by marking them in the draft.


- 1.2.4 "user user agent"

=>1.10.2 Outline

Lots of double colons ("::" and ": :") scattered throughout the doc

Weird indent from Guideline 2.6 to 2.10

- 2.1.9 Allow Override of User Interface Keyboard Commands
=> seems to duplicates 2.1.4 Specify preferred keystrokes
=> and 2.3.5 Allow Override of Accesskeys

- 2.2.2 Sequential Navigation Between Viewports
=>seems to duplicate: 2.1.3 Keyboard Navigability

- 2.3.3 Present Direct Commands in Rendered Content
=> seems to duplicate: 2.5.1 Discover navigation and activation keystrokes

- 1.11.2 Access Relationships: The user can access explicitly-defined relationships based on the user's position in content (e.g., show form control's label, show label's form control, show a cell's table headers). (Level A) :
=> seems to duplicate: "2.5.2 Access Relationships: The user can access explicitly-defined relationships based on the user's position in content (e.g., show form control's label, show label's form control, show a cell's table headers). (Level A)"

- (1.8.1 Highlight Viewport) is covered by (1.3.1 Highlighted Items(d) active viewport)

- Can these be combined?  (1.8.11 Indicate Viewport Position) (1.8.4 Scrollbars)

- 1.10.3 Configure Set of Important Elements:
=>duplicate of: 2.5.7 Configure Set of Important Elements:

- 3.4.1 Avoid unpredictable focus
=>seems to duplicate 1.9.11 On Focus

- 3.4.2 Avoid Side Effects of Navigation
=> seems to duplicate: 2.1.6 Separate Selection from Activation

- 4.2.1 Hand-Off Focus
=> duplicates 4.2.2 Retrieve Focus
- 4.2.3 Return Focus=>duplicates: 1.9.6 Retrieve Focus
=> Problem here with duplication of several SC's from guideline (1.9)

And here are some other things that caught my eye:

- Introduction should not try to define user agents...better to say something like "This specification provides guidelines for designing user agents [ed. glossary link] (browsers, media players, etc.) so that they are more accessible to users with disabilities." 

- "1.3.1 Highlighted Items: The user can specify that the following be highlighted so that each class is uniquely distinguished. It is not the intention that all recognized enabled elements be uniquely distinguished, just that they be distinguished from disabled elements. The user has the option to highlight the following classes of information so that each is uniquely distinguished."
=> too wordy

- 1.6.1 Speech Rate and Volume: The user can specify the following for synthesized speech
=> perhaps "If synthesized speech is produced, the user can specify the following:"

- Does (1.8.7 Do Not Take Focus) need an option to indicate to the user that a new window opened but it doesn't have focus? I tend to think it is better to have focus go to the new window.

- 1.9.7 Return Focus: An embedded user agent is responsible for notifying the embedding user agent that active input focus should move back to it. (Level A)
=> Perhaps: 1.9.7 Return Focus: Embedded user agents must support a mechanism for returning input focus to the base user agent. (Level A)

- 1.10.1 Text View: The user can view all text source that is available to the user agent.
=>Defn of text source is not clear enough

- 1.10.2Outline View:
=>Maybe should clarify type of technology applicable - hard to see this working in SVG, etc.

- I wonder if the SCs from 1.9 can be split between 1.9 Viewport and Guideline 2.1 Ensure full keyboard access

- 2.1.4 Specify preferred keystrokes seems like a lot for A

- 2.1.6 Separate Selection from Activation
=> Reminds me that we need an uber-statement on "recognized". Something like:
A "Conformance Applicability Notes" section with this:
Programmatically Determinable: The success criteria related to particular types of content, content relationships, etc. apply only when the content identifies these in programmatically determinable ways. For example, user agents are expected to include headings in outline views, but are not expected to include regular paragraph text that has been styled to serve visually as a heading. 

- I continue to feel that "Guideline 2.8 Provide toolbar configuration" is micromanaging.

- 2.9.2 Retrieval Progress
=> maybe should say "Ensure any content retrieval progress indicators are accessible."
=> also it's not really related to Guideline 2.9 (former 2.3) Allow time-independent interaction

2.10.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold
=> Seems like a lot to ask. ATAG has replaced all this with:
A.3.3.1 Static View Option: Editing-views that render visual time-based content can be paused and can be set to not play automatically. (Level A)

- 3.3.1 Accessible documentation
=> replaces conforms with meets success criteria of

- 4.1.5 Write Access
=> is this still needed?

- 5.4.1 Follow Specifications: Render content according to the technology specification, except where it would actually harm overall accessibility. (Level A)
=> Testable?: " except where it would actually harm overall accessibility"

(Mr) Jan Richards, M.Sc.
jrichards@ocad.ca | 416-977-6000 ext. 3957 | fax: 416-977-9844
Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) | http://idrc.ocad.ca/
Faculty of Design | OCAD University

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> Hi there,
> I've now had a look through the guidelines and as discussed in last
> nights telecon, and to me these seem to be as I expected. The transfer
> from the wiki and surveys seems to have taken place as we intended. I'm
> happy if we want to release them for review or as a draft.
> Cheers
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