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From: Simon Harper <simon.harper@manchester.ac.uk>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 14:38:59 +0100
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Hi there,
So I had an action to look at comprehensive and feasibility. I did  
these by first taking a broad sweep over all the principles and then  
drilling down into each guideline.

So comprehensive wise I wonder why we don't just have principle 2 as  
'technology' as opposed to assistive technology - why do we not use  
the more general case, which includes assistive technology, but does  
not limit the principle to it.

I also think principle 2 contains quite a few overlaps in the  
guidelines that could be harmonised (when we get to it). One thing  
that does worry me is 2.10 - how do we define 'timely' and as it is a  
AA is it OK for the UA to not provide timely exchanges at A and if  
this is the case what does this say about dynamic content provision  
through the api which must have timely updates to be understandable.

On the whole I think principle 3 is good however 3.5 worries me - as  
I don't think this is feasible in any productive way - what algorithm  
would you use to give a coherent repair? In addition should we even  
attempt 3.5.2 if adding alt would effect the text flow with no  
benefit? My biggest problem here is with 3.8 - This seems to be an OS  
activity and control of pitch etc seems to be an AT activity - I  
think this asks for too much and is not feasible to expect this  
control to be provided - I would suggest a replacement that there is  
an option to apply a user defined audio Style Sheet though.

I think principle 4 is comprehensive and feasible although I'm still  
not sure if 4.2 is really feasible. Finally, principle 5 seems  
comprehensive and feasible. My only concern is that we don't make any  
assertion about how easy it should be to get to the additional  
functionality that the UAAG implies.



Simon Harper
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