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Re: User Agent Teleconference for November 1 2007

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <unagi69@concentric.net>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 09:33:10 -0400 (EDT)
To: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>,WAI-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20071101133310.4AD671DAE@courageux.cnc.net>

aloha, all!

i have to tender my regrets for the 1 november 2007 UAAG meeting, due to 
a direct conflict with the alternating HTML WG telecon...  on the topic 
of the HTML WG, the joint Forms/HTML WG Joint Task Force on Forms held 
its initial meeting yesterday -- minutes from the meeting can be found 


and the IRC log from the call can be found at:


also of interest to this WG are the minutes to the joint HTML, PF, SVG, 
and XHTML2 meeting on ARIA implementation:


and the accompanying IRC log:


i am still working on my outstanding action item concerning the fallback of
last resort, the ability to review the document source of the document 
currently being rendered, even if that document is the product of a mash-up
or multiple streams of information...

i also wanted to notify the chair and group that, due to my participation 
in the joint task force, i now have write access to W3C space -- this means
that i can revive my project of updating the UA Support for Accessibility 
document, and the accompanying "until user agent" clauses document i 
circulated through the group in july...  the mock-ups are located at:


the original post concerning them and my plans for them is archived at:


which leads me to a question -- if the "until user agent clauses" page is 
put into w3c space, should the work on updating the UA Support page 
transpire on the UA wiki?  that might be the most effective strategy for 
updating the UA Support document collaboratively...

another question for the chair and WG is: what are the UA WG's requirements
for next generation web forms, aside from those already articulated in 

and, as liaison between the UAWG and the HTML WG, i'm also exploring the 
possibility of coordinating and providing the HTML WG with explicit 
concrete and constructive advice and precise wording for the HTML5 UA 
Conformance section, which obviously has a dependency on UAAG 1.0, and 
which needs to have UA accessibility addressed explicitly within the HTML5 
document itself -- the latest editor's draft of HTML5 can be accessed via:


again, apologies for missing today's meeting -- any concerns arising from 
the HTML5 draft or issues which the WG believes demands more attention 
from the HTML WG, please let me know


"He who lives on Hope, dies farting."
  -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack
Gregory J. Rosmaita, unagi69@concentric.net
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