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Re: User Agent Teleconference for April 26 2007

From: Peter Parente <pparent@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 13:42:13 -0400
To: jimallan@tsbvi.edu
Cc: WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>, w3c-wai-ua-request@w3.org
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Hi Jim,

Mostly minor nits follow...

> User Agnet Accessibility Guidelines Working Group

Typo in Agent.

> "User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (UAAG 1.0) provides guidelines 
for ..."

Maybe better as "The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (UAAG 1.0) is 
a set of guidelines for ..."

> Since the release of UAAG 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation in December 2002, 
the UAWG ...

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group is abbreviated as (UAAG 
WG) above. Need to indicate that this other abbreviation means the same 

> "functionality of assitive technology, "

Maybe "functionality of assistive technologies, "?

> "EOWG "

This isn't spelled out anywhere. I don't know what it is.

> (e.g. DOM, MSAA, AT-SPI, UA, UIA) 

Need to be spelled out also, or at least linked.

> UAAG 2.0 will address as completely as possible the needs of users with 
> ...
> end users with: 

Wording seems strange.

> Primary operating systems and desktops include Windows XP and Vista, 
Linux Gnome and KDE and other UNIX variants such as Solaris, MAC OS, and 

Gnome needs to be GNOME (it's an acronym actually). I wouldn't say "Linux 
GNOME" as GNOME runs on AIX, Solaris, and lots of other Unix variants. MAC 
OS should probably be "Mac OS" or even "Mac OS X".

> Ensure that the revision is "backwards and forward compatible" 

Are we certain we can ensure backward compatibility? That seems like a 
tall order considering all of the issues we've been encountering with 1.0. 
For instance, the ability to disable stylesheets and the use of 
stylesheets for rendering in-page widgets seems to be in conflict.

Peter Parente
IBM Linux Accessibility Project
Tie: 526-2346
UNC: 919-962-1780
IBM: 919-486-2346

Jim Allan <allanj@tsbvi.edu> 
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04/25/2007 05:26 PM
Please respond to

WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>

User Agent Teleconference for April 26 2007

W3C User Agent Teleconference for April 26 2007
Chair: Jim Allan
Date: Thursday, April 26 2007
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm Boston Local Time, USA (19:00-20:00 UTC/GMT)
Call-in: Zakim bridge at: +1-617-761-6200, code 8294#
for UK use 44-117.270-6152
IRC: sever: irc.w3.org, port: 6665, channel: #ua.

1. Review updated requirements draft

                 - what is missing?
                 - do we need a 'baseline'?

Please send RSVP or additional agenda items to the list.

Jim Allan, Webmaster & Statewide Technical Support Specialist
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1100 W. 45th St., Austin, Texas 78756
voice 512.206.9315    fax: 512.206.9264  http://www.tsbvi.edu/
"We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." McLuhan, 1964
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