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minutes W3C User Agent Teleconference for 2 February 2006

From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 14:20:28 -0600
To: WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Cc: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
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[12:57] *** #ua: scribe RRSAgent Zakim @JR
[12:57] *** #ua was created on Thu Feb 02 12:56:40 2006.
[12:58] JR: Meeting: WAI UA
[12:58] JR: Chair: Jim Allan
[13:01] *** Al has joined #ua.
[13:01] JR: hi Al
[13:02] scribe: Hi All, I am on the phone
[13:03] *** cklaws has joined #ua.
[13:04] scribe: * al how do I not be scribe?
[13:04] scribe: this is jim
[13:07] *** You are now known as jallan.
[13:08] * Al Jim, it has something to do with using scribe: to designate the
scribe and not /nick ...
[13:09] * Al but I am on break from my JB call, will be with you NLT 2:30
[13:11] jallan:
[13:11] JR: WAI last call comments on CDF, WICD, WICD Full, WICD Mobile,
[13:12] JR: Topic: WAI last call comments on CDF, WICD, WICD Full, WICD
Mobile, WICD Core
[13:12] JR: JA: Now seems to read MathML
[13:12] JR: DP: Because Jaws now reads unicode
[13:13] JR: CL: IBM has done an internal WindowEyes and Firefox report
[13:15] JR: DP: Firefox now behaving much more like IE with Jaws.
[13:17] JR: JA: Waiting for Al to join.
[13:17] JR: JA: Al wants our input on Accesskey doc
[13:18] JR: JA: UA Comments on Compound Docs combined with PF comments and
[13:18] JR: JA: We'll need some compound doc test cases: SVG, MathMl etc.
[13:20] JR: JR: Opera 8 has native SVG support
[13:20] JR: Topic: Other business from CG
[13:20] *** dpoehlman has joined #ua.
[13:21] JR: JA: Networking opportunities with other groups.
[13:22] JR: Topic: Screen Readers and Firefox
[13:22] JR: Aaron: Jaws not ready for FF
[13:22] JR: Aaron: no official support for several months
[13:25] JR: Aaron: We have done WindowEyes and FF, but with bugs filed for
[13:25] JR: Aaron: Check out bug 24413 in bugzilla for FF (have uaag in
[13:26] JR: Aaron: Some other bugs - look for "uaag"
[13:26] JR: Aaron: FF on Mac is not very accessible - because Mac readers
son't use DOM?
[13:27] JR: Aaron: 2 probs - (1) uses Carbon instead of Coco (2) nobody has
signed up for Mac access.
[13:27] JR: for FF
[13:28] JR: Because Safari is so big on Mac
[13:29] JR: JA: SVG?
[13:29] JR: Aaron: Yes there is some native support for SVG in FF?
[13:29] JR: rem ?
[13:31] JR: JA: In compound docs there was questions about passing focus
into and out of different types of content ALSO sub links
[13:32] Al: Zakim, code?
[13:32] Zakim: sorry, Al, I don't know what conference this is
[13:32] Al: Zakim, this is WAI_U
[13:32] Zakim: ok, Al; that matches WAI_UAWG()2:00PM
[13:32] Al: Zakim, call AlGilman-home, please
[13:32] Zakim: ok, Al; the call is being made
[13:32] Zakim: +AlGilman
[13:33] JR: Aaron: Using depth first search on layout object tree.
[13:34] JR: Aaron: Some things are focussable, but not tabable (e.g. items
in a drop down list)
[13:34] JR: Topic: Accesskeys with Al
[13:34] jallan:
[13:35] JR: Al: The HCG recognizes Accesskeys are problematic but
[13:36] JR: XHTML2 is coming up with a replacement.
[13:36] JR: Al: we're supposed to bring use case to them next Friday.
[13:36] JR: Al: Mobile phone people also interested in accesskeys.
[13:38] JR: Al: Latest statement - there has to be a label - needs to be
[13:39] JR: Al: Users would prefer to set their own mnemonics but MUST be
able to access it somehow.
[13:40] JR: Al: Overall, we're not taking a strong position.
[13:41] JR: Al: But there are "firm requirements"
[13:41] JR: JA: On user side the user simply needs to be able to found out
what the keys are and what they do.
[13:42] JR: Al: but in larger scheme, to capture mode apps to the web
shortcut capability should be increased.
[13:43] JR: Aaron: Can we give weight to pros and cons in "debatable" area
[13:45] JR: JA: "Discoverable" requirement should be dug out and put at the
[13:46] JR: Al: Label is an operational model - must work like a label on a
form control
[13:47] JR: DP: Might feel better about author assignment if two paths -
author specifies method of activation vs. generic method of activation
[13:49] JR: AL: I need to add in authoring guidance that there is a
preference for binding keys to roles when there is a relevant role already.
[13:50] JR: Al: Use rel=home to identify a link that goes home---then
browser is smart enough to interpret "h" keypress as meaning user wants to
go home (ie.e. press that link)
[13:51] JR: DP: Author trying to come up with way to activate non-standard
[13:52] JR: maybe easier to provide trigger and let user agent handle
putting keys to triggers.
[13:52] JR: Al: Loses all mnemonics
[13:53] JR: Al: It's a tugofwar
[13:54] JR: CL: Problem: HTML accesskeys --combines mnemonics with
sahortcuts - these should be different.
[13:54] JR: MMnemonics need to appear in label, shortcuts are different.
[13:56] JR: CL: e.g. in chrome menu items, an underlined character is the
[13:58] JR: Al: In reqs it must be somehow discoverable.
[13:59] JR: AL: IG - why not just mark the letter eg. with tag wrapping a
key ---but T2speech chokes on that
[14:00] JR: JA: What about negotiation...
[14:02] JR: Al: Onscreen keyboards can process accesskeys, so can screen
readers, could be a browser feature
[14:03] JR: JA: What about authors who put the key in the title?
[14:04] JR: Al: The UA's need to start showing access keys somehow - e.g. on
mouseover, tabbing, etc.
[14:06] JR: Action Al: Will modify reqs to add "discoverable" and author
should bind access keys to available roles.
[14:06] * RRSAgent records action 1
[14:07] JR: JA: on this timeslot next week will be a special meeting on the
Mobile Web Berst Practices
[14:08] JR: http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-mobile-bp-20060113/
[14:08] Zakim: -Aaron_Leventhal
[14:09] JR: Action JR: Review for AU and send to JA.
[14:09] * RRSAgent records action 2
[14:09] JR: Action JA: Review for UA
[14:09] * RRSAgent records action 3
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[14:09] Zakim: -[IBM]
[14:10] Zakim: -DPoehlman
[14:10] Zakim: -Jan_Richards
[14:10] *** JR has signed off IRC (Quit: JR).
[14:10] Zakim: -Jim_Allan
[14:10] Zakim: -AlGilman
[14:10] Zakim: WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has ended
[14:10] Zakim: Attendees were Jim_Allan, [IBM], Jan_Richards, DPoehlman,
Aaron_Leventhal, AlGilman
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