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Minutes W3C User Agent Teleconference for 13 April 2006

From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 15:17:16 -0500
To: WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>, Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
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IRC Transcript only.
Present: Jim Allan (chair)
Jan Richards (scribe)
David Poehlman
Cathy Laws

NOTE: UAWG will be meeting weekly for the next 6 weeks to review WCAG 2.0

jallan: zakim, this will be WAI_UAWG
Zakim: ok, jallan; I see WAI_UAWG()2:00PM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
jallan: agenda+ Review WCAG 2.0 Guidelines from UAAG perspective.
* Zakim notes agendum 1 added
Zakim: WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has now started
Zakim: +Jim_Allan
jallan: agenda+ UAWG track webAPI discussions
* Zakim notes agendum 2 added
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JR: hi Jim
Zakim: +Jan_Richards
Zakim: +[IBM]
Zakim: +DPoehlman
JR: Scribe: JR
JR: Meeting: WAI UA
JR: Chair: jallan
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JR: Zakim, take up agendum 2

TOPIC 2. "UAWG track webAPI discussions" taken up [from jallan]

JR: JA: CG would like someone from UAWG to monitor webAPI work.
JR: JA: JA can help monitor but not sure he can monitor it by himself.
JR: CL: Is this access API's?
JR: JR: Don't think it is access focussed group.
JR: Zakim, agenda?
Zakim: I see 2 items remaining on the agenda:
Zakim: 1. Review WCAG 2.0 Guidelines from UAAG perspective. [from jallan]
Zakim: 2. UAWG track webAPI discussions [from jallan]
JR: JA: Al was monitoring but JA can't find line at moment.
JR: CL: Will ask around to see if IBM access centre will be involved.
JR: JA: OK Al just said go to WebAPI mailing list and look for discussions
on Listening [for Events]
JR: DP: Does know this webAPI stuff is related to DOM.
JR: Zakim, take up agendum 1

TOPIC 1. "Review WCAG 2.0 Guidelines from UAAG perspective." taken up [from
JA: Last mtg Charles M-N was here...
JA: We discussed baseline...
JA: WCAG requires conformance claims to state their baseline technology
jallan: http://www.tsbvi.edu/technology/uawg/wcag2.htm
JA: WCAG assumes some UA functionality...
JA: So went through all of WCAG and made assumptions on UAAG explicit.
JR: Will take a closer look at the table.
JA: In conversations with John SLatin, wcag concerned about no uaag
conformant tool.
JA: But it's not a big problem, since ua's can pick and choose.
JA: Trying to get the WCAG and UAAG more connected.
CL: Maybe uaag ties back to format-specs (eg. HTML) than on wcag...
DP: We have to be careful refering to wacg 2.0...we may need to refer to a
CL: Do we need to review any UAAG 1.0 gucielines refering to wcag 1.0?
CL: Let's review in light of wcag 2.0
CL: UAAG has directed dependency on WCAG 1.0 - Guideline 2 Ensure that users
have access to all content, notably conditional content that may have been
provided to meet the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines 1.0 [WCAG10].

ACTION: Jallan - create list of references in UAAG to WCAG 1.0

ACTION JR: Take closer look at the UAAG assumptions in WCAG table.

JR: Suggests generic reference to WCAG - with link to explanation of the 2
JA: This is one more pressure to open UAAG.
DP: The state of no conforming user agent might end more quickly if wcag
pointed to uaag.
CL: What would really help web developers would be more reports on uaag
conformance or support for particular wcag techs
JA: Brainstorm: what if IBM did a conformance claim for HPR?
CL: There is a "report" but no a conf. claim because it doesn't get there.
CL: THinks that is helpful for web devs.
CL & JA: Some really difficult P1s.
JA: Config part is also tricky.
CL: And some access features likely won't be implemented.
JA: WCAG is supposed to be going to last call April 20th- shall we go to
weekly call?
JA: For next 5 or 6 weeks until end of review period.
JA: Wants to nail the benchmark thing down into well crafted docs...
JA: Also wants other stuff handled.
JA: Didn't see any large probs - except many implict user agent refs that
may need to be more explicit.
CL: Longdesc, some header stuff - not being handled by ua's
JA: Most of the doc is pretty general but probs may occur with techs...
CL: Yes, test suites are more based on techs...
JA: We all seem on the same page re: the baseline, for next week we will
have made first pass on going over the doc
JR: JA: will get action item on refs to wcag in uaag by monday
JR: JA: also at some time JA may invite JS, WAC or GV to uaag call.
JR: CL: Do we also need to look at the levels.
JR: JR: I think so - when they lack a success criteria level 1 that can be
read as P2
JR: CL: If they are "P1" we need our handling checkpoint to be P1.
JR: JA: Next weeek, same time.
Zakim: -[IBM]
Zakim: -DPoehlman
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Zakim: -Jan_Richards
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Zakim: -Jim_Allan
Zakim: WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has ended
Zakim: Attendees were Jim_Allan, Jan_Richards, [IBM], DPoehlman
jallan: zakim, close agendum 1
Zakim: agendum 1, Review WCAG 2.0 Guidelines from UAAG perspective., closed
Zakim: I see 1 item remaining on the agenda:
[Zakim: 2. UAWG track webAPI discussions [from jallan]
jallan: zakim, close agendum 2
Zakim: agendum 2, UAWG track webAPI discussions, closed
Zakim: I see nothing remaining on the agenda

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