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Re: New beta version of Mozilla/Firefox extension

From: Catherine Laws <claws@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:52:55 -0500
To: Jon Gunderson <jongund@uiuc.edu>
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When I tried the previous/next heading and link navigation, the page didn't
scroll up or down as you navigated outside of the current visual area. Is
it suppose to, or are there plans to do this?

Cathy Laws

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                                       New beta version of Mozilla/Firefox 

A new beta version of the Mozilla/Firefox is available it
supports Opera style keyboard navigation of links and headers.

Q: Previous link
A: Next link

W: Previous header
S: Next header


Need to make sure the the 'accessext.keyboardnav.mode'
property is set to 'Opera'

You can check this by using the address:


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