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RE: Additional test suite issues

From: Jim Allan <allanj@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 16:41:33 -0500
To: Catherine Laws <claws@us.ibm.com>, WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
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List of 6 Open Issues from http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/2002/12/issues-ts-html

    * WD#9: There should be tests for ONKEYPRESS, ONKEYDOWN, and ONKEYUP.
there appears to be no tests for these javascript actions. may be able to
modify tests for ONFOCUS and ONBLUR, ONMOUSEOVER and ONMOUSEOUT to reflect
keyboard interaction.
resolved see test 130
    * WD#7: ONCLICK and ONDBLCLICK tests
resolved see test 106 CLICK
test 248 DBLCLICK
    * WD#6: ONFOCUS and ONBLUR tests could be written for SELECT elements.
have test 94
this is for ONCHANGE - we could modify for ONFOCUS and ONBLUR
    * WD#4: Need for additional TABINDEX testcases
we have one - test 110
need cases for AREA, BUTTON, OBJECT, SELECT, and TEXTAREA. we could model
    * WD#1: Do you think we need to lower the number of rows and columns to
2? I think the testcase should be modified to be a larger table.
test 190 uses 3x3 tables
test 196 uses 4x5 tables
not sure to what this refers.

can we discuss these when you return?

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Here's another testcase that I think may be broken that wasn't on the
previous list:

Test 217: Current viewport focus on top

No second window opened in HPR or IE.

Also, I think there are still some issues outstanding from this earlier
report on test suites:


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