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minutes for 17 April meeting

From: Matt May <mcmay@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 10:30:28 -0700
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
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Thanks to Colin for scribing the latter part of the meeting.

cl Cathy Laws
ss Shawn Stapleford
dp Dave Poehlman
ck Colin Koteles
jg Jon Gunderson
mm Matt May
regrets: Ian Jacobs, Jim Allan
PF and images
jg Talked with PF group about images. Don't think they knew that src 
attribute could be applied anywhere. Apparently UA would be able to 
choose content of the element or retrieve the src attribute.
jg Who's looked at our XHTML2 review doc?
ck I did. Looks complete.
jg I think we should have a joint meeting with PF so we can feed this 
to the XHTML wg.

Implementation report
jg Waiting for new reviews before we can update that. Have a couple 
reviews in process.
ck I think a lot of issues re: image files, target frames, etc. didn't 
get moved from the UI rehab server to the W3C test server. Also agree 
with eliminating tests on deprecated elements (marquee, blink). They're 
just clutter.
jg I think we can get rid of them.
mm Never part of any W3C spec. I don't think we have a need to test 
ACTION: jg Remove blink and marquee tests from test suite
jg My team is working on SVG test suites. Any experience in the group 
with SVG?
mm I just finished reading the spec.
jg We have 3 classes of test suites, for animations, graphics, text. 
Should have 8 tests total for people to look at next week. Matt, SVG 
1.1 does animation?
mm Yes.
jg How do SVG and SMIL work together?
mm SVG Animation is based on SMIL. 1.2 looks to implement more of SMIL.
jg Also have work to do in streaming media test suites.
mm SVG 1.2 SMIL integration: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG12/#SMIL
jg HTML+Time is just SMIL syntax in HTML. Is SVG going an extra step?
mm More info in the above link.
jg Adobe SVG Viewer is the #1. Also Batik. What else?
mm SVG site has a list of UAs, creation tools, etc.

Back to PF and images
mm Discussion of OBJECT in XHTML2...
jg People aren't going to use it.
mm The HTML WG may obsolete IMG.
jg People could still use DIV.
mm I was thinking that maybe rel attribute could be helpful for 
defining assistive vs. augmentative values.
jg Are there defined rels in spec?
mm Some for link, some elsewhere. It's a free-form attribute.
jg Already some link types in XHTML 2.

MM: ...using rel attribute
Alternative vs. augmentative requirements
Define small or tangential definition for longdesc (is it replacement or
augmentation for item)
Can be cue to UA for visual manifestation in doc.

JG: Every element can have a rel attribute?

MM: Already in spec

JG: Standard values for rel in XHTML2 spec?

MM: I believe in XHTML1.0 there are defined values for rel
--second set defined for other relations
--free-form content as defined by spec, no XML ID is defined-could 
define a
resource that this represents

JG: rel types defined in XHTML 2.0?

JG: REL is usually associated with a link
-REL attribute should also be associated with the embedded attribute
-REL attribute is grouped with hyperlink attribute collection.
-SRC is grouped with the embed attribute collection.

MM:  REL or something like could solve this type of problem - do you 
this with or in place of the parent?

JG:  Sometimes people want both at same time?  Conditional content 
could be
rendered with the image.

JG: If it is an image need to make sure there is a text equiv.  Don't 
people to put help info in the single attribute.

MM: Don't want default def for SRC to be alt text, Longdesc, etc. 
Should be
REL to SRC?  These things are bound together, but meet different access

JG: In block associated with image, UA can pick from block level 
info that the user wants.

MM:  Any one of these can be the main content.
-help text, tool tips could be rendered (conditionally), but doesn't 

JG:  Object tag could have diff attribute for each embedded OBJECT

MM:  Yes.  Could say the following item is the tool tip, the following 
the longdesc...

JG: How can REL give multiple use definitions associated with a single

JG: Any markup examples?

[See object test in TS]

JG: Need semantic information about elements and attributes in XHTML 
presentational information like HTML)
-Want clear relationships between information items
-Semantic behavior information so text equivs are available through UA.
-As developers work with XHTML, there are accessibility concepts 
from the beginning.  So accessibility is not an afterthought.

JG: Charter expires in 2 weeks.

MM: yes

JG: IJ, MM, JW, JG will meet next month and will discuss charter

MM: Charter will have to end in May of next year because WAI's charter 
end.  Once WAI is rechartered, we will continue this charter.

JG: Charter concerns: scope of work, W3C deliverables, define working 
participation, how often to meet

JG: will begin to meet every 2 weeks starting May 1st

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