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Additional UA Test Suite Comments

From: Catherine Laws <claws@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:12:43 -0500
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFDAAC2343.1D29B08C-ON86256D0A.006CC383-86256D0A.007A0451@us.ibm.com>

I have the following additional comments regarding the tests in the UA test

Checkpoint 2.3 Render conditional content

- HPR renders a link for longdesc attributes, but the link for the LONGDESC
in the IMG element test goes to an invalid page.
 - For IFRAME and NOFRAME tests, is the user agent required to be able to
disable frames to pass the test? Does any user agent do this? (Same comment
for tests for Checkpoint 2.7 Repair missing content.)

Checkpoint 3.2 Toggle audio, video, animated images

- The src link is broken for the IMG testcase.
- Should we have tests that include unsupported HTML elements like EMBED?
Does this mean the user agent must support this deprecated element?

Checkpoint 3.3 Toggle animated or blinking text
- Since BLINK and MARQUEE are deprecated and should not even be supported
by a user agent, then the test results should state that the user agent
should either not support these elements or provide a setting to toggle the
text or animation as motionless or non-blinking.

Checkpoint 3.6 Toggle images
- The IMG src for OBJECT appears to be broken.

Checkpoint 4.14 Choose style sheets
- The alternative author style sheets test needs a link to switch style

Checkpoints 5.1 No automatic content focus change and 5.2 Keep viewport on
- The link for the second viewport is broken.

Checkpoint 5.3 Manual viewpoirt open only
- Links for both tests are broken.

Checkpoint 5.5 Confirm form submission
- The onchange event that submits the form causes a page to not be found.

Checkpoint 9.5 No events on focus change
- The IMG src for the onmouseover and onmouseout test is broken.

Checkpoint 9.9 Allow structured navigation
- Form navigation test should include more than one form control and all
different types of controls (INPUT, SELECT, OPTION, TEXTAREA, BUTTON).
Results should indicate that you can navigate to forms and within forms
controls only.
- Anchor navigation test should include image links and map areas.  Maybe
elements with event handlers should be included as well.
- List item navigation test should include a DL list.
- Table caption test results should state that the table summary should be
picked up, too.
- I think the table header test is invalid. Navigating table headers is not
even a technique. This test should be table navigation limited to one table
with navigation by cells across a row and up and down columns, picking up
header info.
- Need to add a test for Frames navigation (including IFRAMEs).
- Need to add a test for skip to main content or skip navigation links
using MAPs and list of links surrounded by non-links.
- The techniques for this guideline talks about DIV, IMG, P, ADDRESS, and
APPLET as important elements requiring some kind of structural navigation,
but there are no tests for these. I don't think navigational methods for
these elements should be required, so maybe the techniques need to be

Checkpoint 10.1 Associate table cells and headers
- For the COL and COLGROUP test, I don't understand what the associations
should be. This testcase should be improved, if it is needed at all.

Checkpoint 10.4 Provide outline view.
 - The test procedure and results imply that the outline has to be
displayed in a separate static view, which I think is a different message
than the one communicated by the guideline and techniques. Can the outline
be presented using a navigational technique instead?
- Need additional tests for forms, frames, links, lists, and images.

Checkpoint 10.5 Provide link information
- Test should include other types of links such as image links and map
areas and maybe elements with event handlers.

Checkpoint 10.6 Highlight current viewport
-  The framesets are not working.

Checkpoint 11.4 Single-key access
 - The IMG src is broken for the animated images test.

Checkpoint 11.5 Default input configuration
- The links activation test should have more types of links, such as map
areas, image links, and local links.
- The test for moving focus to enabled elements should have disabled
controls among the enabled controls to provide a better test case.
- Need to have tests for global volume and for the
stopping/pausing/resuming, etc of audio, video, and animaged images.

Cathy Laws

IBM Accessibility Center, WW Strategic Platform Enablement
11400 Burnet Road,  Bldg 903 Office 5B004, Austin, Texas 78758
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