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HTML WG last call comments for UAAG 1.0

From: Steven Pemberton <Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 11:47:24 +0200
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To: <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Cc: "HTML WG" <w3c-html-wg@w3.org>, "Forms" <w3c-forms@w3.org>

I hear you are planning to move straight to PR. What are the CR exit
criteria, and how do you measure that they have been met?

Guideline 1. Checkpoint 1.2

"Allow the user to activate, through keyboard input alone, all event
handlers that are explicitly associated with the element designated by the
content focus."

*all* is a bit overkill here. For instance XForms allows event handlers for
events that are part of the processing model. These events are not caused by
the user, and are not intended to be fired by the user, and Forms processing
would be seriously disturbed if the user could activate handlers when these
events had not been fired. I would specify here "all event handlers for
events that could be caused by direct user interaction", or some such.

Guideline 2. Checkpoint 2.2
"For the purposes of this checkpoint, a text format is any media object
given an Internet media type of "text" (e.g., "text/ plain", "text/html", or
"text/*") as defined in RFC 2046 [RFC2046], section 4.1."

Therefore not XHTML, which has media type application/xhtml+xml. I would
beef up this definition to at least include XML.

Guideline 3. Checkpoint 3.3

"Blinking text is text whose visual rendering alternates between visible and
invisible, at any rate of change."

And so not blinking between different colours?

Checkpoint 3.5

"Authors (and Webmasters) should use the redirect mechanisms of HTTP instead
of client-side redirects."

I'm not sure what this means. is <meta http-equiv="..." /> a redirect
mechanism of HTTP? What if I don't have access to HTTP redirects? Is that
covered by the 'should'?

"For example, if an HTML author has used a META element for automatic
content retrieval, allow configuration to override the automatic behavior
with manual confirmation."

I don't understand this.

Guideline 4. Checkpoint 4.3
"greys": I don't care, but pub rules says this should be "grays".

Checkpoint 6.2
"This checkpoint is stands apart from checkpoint 6.1": syntax error

Checkpoint 6.6
"The user agent is not required to provide notification of changes in the
rendering of content ... unless the document object to make those changes."
Syntax error

Checkpoint 6.8
"Support for character encodings is important so that text is not "broken"
when communicated to assistive technologies." Please use a better expression
than "broken". E.g. "so that text is correctly communicated to assistive

Checkpoint 6.9
"Export the normative bindings specified in the CSS module of the DOM) Level
2 Style Specification" Mismatched brackets

"For the purposes of satisfying this checkpoint, Cascading Style Sheets
(CSS) are defined by either CSS Level 1 [CSS1] or CSS Level 2 [CSS2]."
Why not state "any level of CSS" so you don't have to republish when level 3
comes out?

Checkpoint 11.4
Would an emacs-like method of typing "escape" to go into single-key mode,
and then letting you type a single single-key be allowable here? Or do you
have to be able to toggle into and out of single-key mode explicitely? I
couldn't tell.

Checkpoint  11.5
"interrupt a request to reload a resource;" => interrupt a request to load
or reload a resource;

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton
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